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    Saturday, April 23, 2005
    after so long....
    Woah...no time to update for so damn long...Because last week was like so busy...everyday filled with many many many homework..need to do until very very late at night den i will be able to finish it...so tired...never felt so stressed before for a very long time le... Alright...went to a pottery village today...so fun lorz...i fed a lot a lot of fishes with bread... so shocked to see them snatching for food as if they hadn't eaten for years...This place was like somewhere in some deserted village...very"kampong"... yah...there ' were like a family of monkeys climbing out from a gigantic vase..give me a shock of my life...anyway i enjoyed e trip today...it can be considered as a fruitful trip bah...haha... *P.S went swimming and jogging today...accompany eldon lorz...now my legs hurts like hell

    Wednesday, April 13, 2005
    physical training....
    Oh god...Today's physical training was real tough...we ran about 5 rounds den still muz sprint in between...den we did a lot a lot of steps up and training of ball works... so tiring ah..me and lisi almost died...it's really damn tough lorz considering my physical ability...and the worst thing is that i tripped over the medicine ball thrice and get hit thrice..and one was really hard on my face...i felt quite dizzy after that...My partner felt damn guilty lorz and kept asking whether i am alright...how nice of her... Did 2 presentations today and both were as bad as each other..The GP teacher real a heck lorz..have a lot of comments on it...siao..she tauht we studying uni ah...expect us to know everything...yah..think of something funny...lisi really act like a real retarded today... she stands besides a gurl and act as if she is trying to understand wat she saying... very serious u know...but wat the gal is talking abt had nothing to do with her at all lorz...so funny...i had a great laugh... so tired need to go rest le...

    Monday, April 11, 2005
    looking forward
    Today it's kindda slack coz we have a hell lot of lectures today...Lectures lectures and more lectures...Finally i managed to finish some of the stuffs that are needed to hand up... The econs lecture super fast today...like rushing for a train like that...some parts i can catch while others i am still in the midst of understanding...Tml i sthe netball match between our school and NYJC...Hope that we will win ba!..calynn cuming back to visit us tml...how nice of her...I think i need to go exercising...saw the 9o'clock show..That hehua got a stroke...omg...so scared when i saw that...really muz take good care of our health wor...*scared*

    Sunday, April 10, 2005
    Seriously..all the homework is killing me...there are GP, econs and maths homework... and they are mostly essays... so tiring...need to think of a lot of points...haiz...hate that man..my legs still hurts from the last training...quite tough considering for a second traing...That's wat the seniors said.. i am still left with a 11oo words essay and u see wat is the time now..so stressed...i think i am dying soon le... went for a swim this afternoon..quit refreshing actually...but can't swim that much coz my legs are hurting... The NKF show is fantastic...xie zhi so shuai...haha...quite touching actually...I like to watch it coz i will always cry when i see the patients...quite emotional i guess... next wed is members bbQ still considering whether to go anot coz got training then dunno can make it mah... wish me luck for tml bah..i need it

    Wednesday, April 06, 2005
    First netball training
    OH MY GOD!! Today's netball training is quite tough...need to train the hand muscles terribly...feel quite lost today...coz the rest of the players are ex-netballers...and seriously they are good lorz...i can't even block them..so sad... they say until like got so many rules cannot this cannot that...wat's worse is that i must trim my nails! oh god! It ended so damn late today...7.30! can you believe it?But the people all quite nice wor...real helpful...but still got some quite dao lah...! I seriously cannot cope with my studies now...no time to spare at all...i need i better get tuition wor...really feel like dying now...still muz watch my diet...too scared le..after watching the 9 o'clock show... really need to buck up and lose weight urgently...SPE tml..sian ah!

    Tuesday, April 05, 2005
    The start of a stressful life
    Today i juz received the whole schedule of my year ahead...i can say that it's really damn stress lorz..everything is packed together...i suddenly have the urge to quit school when i received the schedule...Ther's totally no space for breathing... But i really hope that i can survive through this...i am trying hard..*keeping my fingers crossed.. TPJC netball match with MJC today..we lost..so sad..but it's a nice game... their GS superb man..still remember her name...vanessa...determined to be like her.. haha..no lah..tml going first time to netball thingy..a bit scared...no...a lot...very scared... need to go mugging now... TO BE CONTINUED>>

    Monday, April 04, 2005
    a new beginning
    Finally..our tutorials will be starting tml and i think we will be damn busy... All these while..we have been cooping ourselves up in the library and trying to study but we will actually ended up gossiping or wat so ever... alright let me begin with my journey today...In the morning as usual we went to the library as usual and both clara and lisi were trying to brainwash me not to go to california...By saying wat NUS is the best or stuffs like these...But to me i really feel like going because i hope to begin a new chapter in my life.. experiencing the world out there...Life is so short isn't it?! But wait till i finished taking my SAT test alright and stop hoping that i will flung it bcoz my aim is to score for it. Better not flung it!...*keeping my fingers crossed... Lisi really act like a super retarted today..in front of me...By saying wat super butt etc..can't believe she actually said that..but anyway she already laughed at herself...haha...yah..i made a fool out of myself in the library...it's all the printer's fault...make me feel so malu...haiz...i think i saw lisi laughed until her face turned as red as a tomato...today's econs lecture is pretty interesting...due to the lecturer...i guess...i really feel much motivated and interested in econs then ever...need to attend the award ceremony tml..dunno whether muz be sad or happy.. A BRIGHT DAY AHEAD~~~

    Friday, April 01, 2005
    april fool !
    woah..Today is april fool day but not many silly things happened lah.. Mummy's burfdae so ate a piece of cake filled with a lot of fruits on top..so delicious! Did quite a lot of homework today...coz we finally decided to settle down in the library... Usually when we say we going to the library that means that we are either going to use the com or slack in the library... the school surrounding is so different nowadays... nobody slacking everyone is doing work and its really kindda scary...ok erm...a very funny incident happened today..clara and lisi decided to buy a sundae finally and it kindda pissed the guy selling ice-cream...omg..they really behave like aunties... they wanted a lot a lot of toppings and as many free cones as possible..haha... still dare to comment on their hygiene problem...we really had a great laugh... lisi thought that they had paid 2 million dollars rather then 2 dollars for the ice-cream... Den a J2 cracked a joke at the stall..i thouht it was kindda lame...but when i told them the joke, they kept laughing...It goes like these...The J2 went to the stall and asked for a MONDAE!! Den in the end i discovered that he is juz trying to crack a lame joke...he bought a cone instead..stupid rite..haiz I remembered a few days ago..i did a stupid thing in the audi...clara expected me to chase after 'Jack' and try to sit somewhere near him..wats worse is that he kept changing his mind and we kept following him..so malu...anyway j****** is gone...so sad...