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    Saturday, November 29, 2008
    my 20th burfdae-part 2
    i'm as sick as a cow now
    39 degrees
    and i still went to work today
    supergirl right
    but nevertheless,
    i will still go ahead with the blogging of a special day
    after i came home from the celebration with the i promise girls
    i went to bathe and was preparing to go to bed
    ard 11.45pm, baby called
    he said that he was downstairs and he had smth for me
    so i went down and saw this (:
    he even wrote a card for me
    that made me cry so hard
    and a special present that made me realised that
    this baby of mine can be so observant and caring at times
    i was rather surprised, seriously
    met up with him at vivo
    shortly after we reached, he told me that he wanted to go toilet
    so i went to withdraw money
    and when i turned around
    he was holding this
    and smiling at me
    my god, i swear i melted
    he was telling me that he designed this bouquet by himself
    11 pink roses and 1 red rose in the middle
    as for the meaning of this, its for me to know and for you to find out
    i'm too shy la(:
    btw, he gave me 12 purple roses last year too
    and i was happily telling him that i like the baby's breath by the side
    more than the roses in the middle
    my burfdae lunch was at sushi tei
    my fav(:
    cos their salmon are so fresh and juicy!!
    i think he loves me as much as he loves my psp
    he put in so much effort
    this is what he deserved right(:
    you must be wondering what about my burfdae dinner...
    and i will leave that to
    the last part
    i'm like smiling to myself now
    becos all the happy memories are coming back
    get well soon lorraine!

    Thursday, November 27, 2008
    part 1
    finally done with my law assignment!
    my god, its a nightmare
    but i'm glad that its finally over
    so here am i
    blogging about my 2oth burfdae celebration part 1
    celebration with my uni mates
    lunch was at asian kitchen
    i was too hungry so didnt managed to take any pictures
    after lunch, my burfdae cake was my fav-coco exotic
    so so yummy
    that cake is seriously all time fav
    and ade drew a burfdae card for me
    thats really so nice of her
    and they got me charles and keith vouchers
    btw, i requested for it
    met up with jam and reb for our shopping trip
    chill at mos burger for nearly 2 hours talking about anything under the sun
    and head off to meet up with val and nette
    to get my heels at far east
    i'm like overjoyed when they have my size
    my leg is like big-foot can!
    and we went off to chill again at paragon val was commenting how yummy the cakes were at bakerzin i chose the new york cheesecake and yup she's absolutely right its super yummy can! i wanna eat it again now)= jam with her strawberry shortcake
    me with my newyork cheesecake
    val with her super sweet and chocolatey cake
    went off to meet up with guo and heng in the east side
    guo just ended work
    and heng came out fresh from the army
    wanted to go somewhere near pasir ris beach for dinner
    but the plan was put off as its raining
    so we went off to ehub for newyork newyork!
    heng gave me a nice surprise that day
    he was saying that he need to go to ntuc and get some stuffs
    in the end
    he came back with a cake for me!
    blackforest cake from prima
    uber uber sweet right that guy
    guo got me a mini cake as well
    she told me that its tiramisu
    i like it as well
    went home at ard 10 plus
    as baby wanted me to get home by 12
    but refused to tell me the reason
    to be continue...

    Monday, November 24, 2008
    pre burfdae post
    i have loads of pics for my burfdae celebration!
    baby is uber uber sweet to the max
    love him so so much
    lots of burfdae sms but i didnt manage to reply any of them
    cos there's something wrong with my phone
    but i did received all of them
    thanks sweetiesss
    especially lq, who send it twice
    one at 12am and one at 11.59pm(:
    pics and details will be up after thurs i assume
    cos i have this bloody law assignment
    and i'm like so dead
    due to the celebrations

    Saturday, November 22, 2008
    in the last few minutes on this special day
    i'm so glad to be lorraine
    with him
    my beloved korkor and family
    and my friends
    happy burfdae to myself

    Friday, November 21, 2008
    the last day of being a 19 year old
    had a movie date with eldon on monday
    MADAGASCAR 2 was so funny
    we had a good laugh throughout the whole movie
    eldon enjoyed it(:
    along with the nachos for the very first time
    went airport to fetch kor after that
    and cystal jade for dinner
    the xiao long baos were so yummy
    eldon ate 5 of it!
    he's really a xiao long bao eater>.<
    my schoolmates celebrated my burfdae for me yesterday
    (: (: (:
    asian kitchen for lunch and
    my fav coco exotic from four leaves
    and ade even drew a burfdae card for me!
    i'm a happy girl
    gg out with reb in the afternoon
    and i promise burfdae celebration tonight
    yeah! (:
    tml is my burfdae
    i cant believe it!

    Monday, November 17, 2008
    one word to describe what i am feeling now


    Sunday, November 16, 2008
    16 nov
    its a stay-home day for today
    i'm way way behind for my sch work
    and i'm feeling so depressed abt it
    i seriously need to sit down and concentrate
    i SERIOUSLY need to!
    for the weekends, what i bascially do
    is to wake up, go work, go for dinner,come home and sleep
    nothing productive at all
    happy belated 15 months baby
    6 more days
    and i'm gg to be a big girl
    i'm so tempted to put christmas songs on my blog ^^

    Tuesday, November 11, 2008
    11 moree days to my 20th burfdae
    i cant believe it
    it feels so old
    gg to work
    T3 today )=

    Sunday, November 09, 2008
    8 nov
    today or rather yesterday was so packed!
    woke up at 11 plus
    and while i was preparing for work
    korkor love was preparing steamboat for lunch(:
    so so so excited. cos i love steamboats
    and its my first time having it for lunch
    the grilled beef and the fishballs were so yummy!
    i love my family
    but i love eldon and clara the most
    went to work
    its as if a ghost town
    no crowd despite being a sat!
    and some indian woman came to tell me that
    her name is lorraine as well
    btw,she belongs to the fair skin category
    if u know what i am talking about
    sales not that fantastic
    but still okay
    so since i have work
    i cant head down to town for joycie burfdae celebration)=
    but a mini bonus
    heng came to meet me after work!
    and we went to tamp for dinner
    *big smiles*
    i've been craving for that since god knows when
    but baby and me doesnt seemed to have an affinity with fish and co
    we went to kbox after that!
    its a date for heng and me
    okay,i'm happy
    i just got home and now i'm gg to bed

    Friday, November 07, 2008
    finally the post for halloween!!!
    group photo of the day!
    we met up at yishun and went night safari via cab
    since it was cheaper and faster since there are 4 of us
    the queue was amaz-ily(if there was such a word) scary!
    i think we queued for an hour for the tickets
    and another hour for that bloody tram ride
    anyway, lady luck was with us
    we met someone from dfs who gave us a 50% off coupon
    and yeah, we only paid 21 bucks
    look at that never ending damn queue!
    oh ya, the tram ride was...... memorable should be the word
    i cried on that bloody tram
    becos some unknown ghost went to touch me
    i know that its a person
    and yet, i cant help it but to shout
    they should get an oscar's award for their acting
    brilliantly amazing
    act like a ghost, walk like one, behave like one
    and the highlight of the day
    i shouted at a male ghost not to come up to my side
    and yup, he did the opposite
    there he was
    standing right beside me
    and refused to budge despite my kickings,hittings
    plus screamings
    i did that! i started hitting him hoping that he thinks that i am
    a crazy girl and just stop bothering me
    but he didnt!
    so there i was crying and hitting
    on that bloody tram behaving like a moron i swear i almost cried when we reached the tram station
    he's so scary! nat is so brave)=
    we had ben&jerry after all the crazy shit
    it was enjoyable after all
    not to mention that i didnt sleep for the whole night
    the moment i closed my eyes,
    that bloody guy appears.
    okay okay, and last but not least ending with a pic of my angels(=

    Thursday, November 06, 2008
    finally done with that terror law assignment
    15 pages long
    my braincells are dying
    been a long long time since i had a good rest
    i'm going to sleep like a pig tonight!
    i sort of enjoyed the feeling of closing my eyes
    without having to worry so much
    about how many pages more to go
    izzit relevant to the topic
    and stuffs like that
    tml tml tml
    i will post the pics for the halloween night safari trip!
    a bad news was received by baby
    which was abt perry ):
    so he had to go off
    working tml and on sat
    T2, T2, T2!

    Monday, November 03, 2008
    i am going crazy
    the law assignment contributes to 30% of my grade
    its due on thurs
    and i am only halfway there!
    i dunno what to write anymore
    so damn f-ing stress
    a minimum of 12 pages
    single spaced
    i am trying
    oh ya
    night safari that day with lisi nat and weili
    was a total nightmare
    can u imagine i cried on the tram
    and i didnt sleep for the entire night
    okay, i am so tired now
    details and pics when i am free