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    Sunday, April 30, 2006
    full of life
    guess wat i did todae...nobody will believe it..i went to the... TREETOP TRAIL ! ! it's like so tiring...dunno wat's wrong with my bro today, came up with this fabulous idea.. and we went on and on for like 3 to 4 hrs if i'm not wrong... and it's like 2 hrs of struggle and 5 mins of fame... and e most interesting thing is that i'm afraid of heights ! ! didn't even get to enjoy the 5 mins of fame... =( but it's a good workout anyway..plus animal-hunting...hahax.. i bet it's a once in a lifetime thing..i'm not going there again.. e thought of it already makes me feel tired... As usual, didn't manage to complete anything today.. it's always like that...haiz..it seems that i'm going to spend my long weekend in the wrong way again... okay.. let me look at the calendar... how many days to "A"s???... OMG ! ! 186 days left... *rushing back to work

    Friday, April 28, 2006
    TPJC runway
    I'm like super tired now...jus came back from TPJC runway (our sch's fashion show)...so cool rite.. the designers as well as the models are all from TPJC... i swear that e models are ultra hot...(esp amrita and nadia) and true enough she's the top model of the event. she looked gorgeous in that (gown or smth).... kindda enjoyed myself jus now...except for the rock band part...hahax... i almost cried from laughing... dun even understand wat are they singing abt... okay..sometimes i pondered wat exactly is the meaning of "i love you"... i can sense that there's something special going on between the two of u... i mean as in u're almost there.. but wat exactly is holding u back... Thinking back..It has been such a long time since i fall in love... it seems that i'm immune to love affairs already.. e wrong step that i took 3 yrs or 4 yrs back led me through sorrow, heartbreaks and maybe a little joy... Am i prepared to go through that again??... dun ask me cos i dun even know the ans myself...

    Wednesday, April 26, 2006
    name calling~
    These days i keep hearing the same old names over and over, again and again....between "vernon", "fake adriano" and "s...." , i declared "vernon" the winner...it seems like i will always hear his name before i see his face..i guess it's a joke carried too far... It's jus an excuse at first,who knows that eventually it has brought upon such a situation... Izzit fate or wat? the phone call, e jersey number and the connection between us---- vanessa... hahax... she must be cursing me right now... anyway...pls pls.. it makes me feel very awkward when e whole lot of u girls started shouting and screaming when he's around me... let nature takes its course alright gals... i believe there's a path out there for me... anyway.. it's impossible between us la... u gals think too much... ~~ it seems that i've a special affinity with a number and a surname...

    Saturday, April 22, 2006
    eldon in kimono

    clara in japanese costume

    Wednesday, April 19, 2006
    I'm like suffocating...it's a week of tests, tests and more tests... mon-econs, tue-econs, wed-GP, thurs-maths...can u believe it?!... my brain's like bursting and it's going to explode any moment..okay.. give me some encouragements friends, i'm like going to breakdown any moment i think... besides the tests, i've like tonnes of empty tutorials... i'm so gonna die... i need to be focus and concentrate... there's no time to waste... that's wat i've been telling lisi everyday...but it seems that there's no action done...come on lorraine!..pls buck up!..ya.. There's a carnival this sat...happy burfdae TPJC !!... u're 20 this year!... our softball team rawks... homerun,homerun and more homeruns...did our sch proud~~

    Saturday, April 15, 2006

    Monday, April 03, 2006
    we were so wet today! ! can't believe it...e moment we opened our mouth the lightning strikes...wat a coincidence! Can u imagine a group of 8 jc2 gals running across e road with a half-squat position and screaming at the top of our voice??...how childish and awkward can that be... and on top of that lisi kept saying she dun wanna die... who say she's going to die anyway..everyone laughed out loud.. although we may looked mature, when it comes to lightnings and stuffs, we appears to be kiddish...is there such a word... as usual, i messed up the GP test today... oh my oh my.. my standards are like those in P2 la...wat a disgrace! chem test next week and i dun understand a single bit... i dun wanna fail...and i hope i wun..wait for my good news...somehow i think i can be a fortune teller..i really dunno my skills and six sense can be that accurate... i'm having mixed feelings now... and i predict that it will be on relationship...wondering who's that lucky someone *my six sense can only be used on others...hahax

    Saturday, April 01, 2006
    Okay, i was like feeling rather depressed over the last few days... but it seems better now cos at least she realised that she's at fault... i almost lost my beam of light when she said that but now i guess it's all over... Seriously, i've gotta stay focused at all times... time is precious, looking at the calender, we are left with abt 6-7 months to 'A's and to be exact 214 days..oh my god..i can't believe it ! !...time really flies... From now on, i need to treat my books as part of my life... tests are coming up and i need to mug till i drop definitely.... i need remedials badly...i dun care wat subject it is... i'm going to try my best to go for all e remedials... hmmm...provided that i've the time... come on girls ! !... Go Go Go ! !... and we're in for a fabulous genting trip and a luxurious prom night at ritz carlton...when everything's over... hmmm..and that will be like in 8 months time...