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    Thursday, March 25, 2010
    a hectic ZOOing life
    work is hectic!
    but i'm really glad its hectic
    becos that means i can learn more stuffs
    instead of what ppl say like all you do for attachment is
    staple and photocopy!
    so many many events in SZ
    that i can hardly breathe
    this time round
    it will be a new challenge
    i hope i will be able to perform well
    really learn a lot from this internship
    and experience the true working life
    so different from schooling
    whereby u can just take notes and have fun
    the hours are tiring indeed
    but just that now i have more friends
    and you get to see the nice ppl at work
    121 days!
    as for the baby boy
    he has been very supportive all along
    encouraging me when i'm dying
    trying to cheer me up when i'm down
    he's really a keeper
    been so so so long since i met my i.promise
    cant wait for a meet up
    and my jc girls as well
    lq's burfdae is coming
    we might get to meet after all (:

    Thursday, March 11, 2010
    today's a happy day
    i passed my buggy test
    that means i can officially drive a buggy in the zoo
    its really like the usual practical
    whereby you get tested on driving and PARKING as well
    and u need to drive slower in the zoo
    due to peacock crossing!
    i really need to pass cos i need to drive for the event on sat
    animal planet day out at the zoo
    its like a combined event with starhub
    and they will be playing amazing race
    so i will have to drive the buggy around
    to patrol
    sounds fun
    besides the fact that i have to reach the zoo at 630am!
    went Night Safari after work today as well
    super fun
    it really felt as if we were on a vacation
    a totally different atmosphere from the zoo
    but ya, i was freaked out on the tram ride
    due to some scary memories that i had with lisi and nat
    but well, i'm so glad we enjoyed ourselves
    i saw this guy at night safari
    who was from my orientation group
    i seriously thought that he was a waiter during orientation
    so i didnt ask anything much abt his job
    but in fact
    he's not a waiter
    he's the chef!
    and my friends kept commenting that
    he looked absolutely super hot in that uniform
    so i was talking to him
    and they kept staring at him
    tml's erena's last day
    super sad
    cos she is my first friend at the zoo!
    we came in on the same day
    okay i think i need some pictures soon
    good night (:
    its our 31 months this sun
    love you darling boy

    Wednesday, March 03, 2010
    we hardly have anytime left for each other
    he is on internship
    so am i
    he goes out every single day after his work with his friends
    i go home every single day after work
    when he is home
    i can hardly open my eyes
    we chat for a short while on msn
    and i go to bed
    this is the daily routine

    Monday, March 01, 2010
    i'm amazed by the stupidity of some people
    boss people around like no one's business
    sometimes internship sux becos of ppl like her
    i wonder
    if its her rank that makes her behave like that
    cos she is just some nobody
    trying to act like somebody
    other than that i am happy with the nice ppl around me
    they make my days so fun and enriching
    144 more days
    nowadays i dunno why
    so many retarded things happening around me
    izzit the weather or what
    today is the first day of baby's attachment
    so far!
    but well
    hope he's doing well
    love him
    and as usual
    cant wait for the weekends!