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    Saturday, March 29, 2008
    it's so ironic rite. yesterday, i was just complaining about how hot the weather is. and today i went to ECP for close to 6 hours i guess. reached there at around 11. jogged for around 20 mins and i already wanna puke la. thats the result for not exercising for so long! but we did actually managed to jog quite far within the 20 mins. baby kept asking me to move but i just simply refuse to. cos i'm really really tired,considering sleeping at 1am the previous night and waking up at 8am, which is too early for me. haha. anyway, we walked all the way back. and after that, we rent a bike(: haha. finally fulfilled my wish of riding a bike. but i still cant ride alone la! i think i sort of shivered when i first got on. i kept asking him the same old question until he's like quite annoyed. haha. "u sure u can hold my weight", "u sure u can ride with me", "u sure u wun get crush to death by me" anyway, i was so happy when i can feel myself moving against the wind(:(: so happy. and yup, we were cycling for the entire 2 hours and now my legs hurt so darn much. felt so tired after a day of workout, really tired. my legs hurt so much and i'm like so tanned now can. woohoo. i've like zillion things to do and i'm gg crazy soon. its nuts! report projects readings tests!!!!! goodness.period

    Friday, March 28, 2008
    hot hot hot!!
    i'm in a super duper bad mood today due to the weather. yes.u're perfectly right. the weather. it's so terribly hot can. so irritating. i hate it! i kept showing attitude to baby today. so sorry. but i just cant help it ): i just felt so so so irritated over nothing. even when u talk to me about some minor issue,i feel like scolding you. haha. thats how bad it is. and yup,its that bad. he just kept asking me why are you quarreling with me over nothing? and u know whats my ans for him. because the weather is super hot and i'm damn irritated. such a bitch right. haix. what does it got to do with him arh,now i wonder.haha(; so sorry baby. thanks for tolerating!! i think i've mentioned it before like million times. lorraine's mood is directly proportional to the weather. its like my first week of school and it felt as if its the 3rd week. super busy! i'm like flooded with projects and readings! oh ya, and i'm taking world lit this term,in addition to marketing and green hospi. so u should have a gauge how terrible it is.my god. on a happier note,hey,i saw beloved lq and yz today!!!! *waves*
    this song is so sweet.
    i think u're like that too
    cant imagine how u can stand me!
    sorry sorry
    thank you for tolerating
    all my nonsense and brightening up my day(:(:(:

    Wednesday, March 26, 2008
    hmmm,i just wanna give all of you a rough idea of this HK/macau trip i'm talking about. my school is organising this trip and only selected group of students are able to go. I'm one of the EXCO member so yeap i get to go but i can give up my chance to let others go. anyway, it will basically be a trip whereby we go to all those grand hotels in HK/macau to have a site tour and oso take a look at how they operate. so perhaps we will go to some of the departments to learn from that. apart from that,we will oso be gg to either ocean park/disney to have a back of the site tour, learn more abt how they manage the place and stuff like that. and the most exciting part is we will oso do the same things for the casinos in macau,tour and learn!! haha,okok. overly excited for that. anyway. the venetian macau is sponsoring us and we will be staying there when we're in macau. apart from venetian,there are still some other sponsors for some of the events so i will get to meet hotel exceutives when i'm there. yeap. that's the overall pic for my trip.
    on a sidenote,i miss baby. it has been a long lon g long time since we last met. super busy thesedays. sorry baby(: cant wait for the weekends to be here!!!!

    Tuesday, March 25, 2008
    here i am
    This is a crazy world
    These can be lonely times
    It's hard to know who's on your side Most of the time
    Who can you really trust
    Who do you really know
    Is there anybody out there Who can make you feel less alone
    Some times you just can't make it on your own
    If you need a place where you can run
    If you need a shoulder to cry on
    I'll always be your friend
    When you need some shelter from the rain
    When you need a healer for your pain
    I will be there time and time again
    When you need someone to love you
    Here I am.
    If you have broken dreams
    Just lay them all on me
    I'll be the one who understands
    So take my hand
    If you reach emptyness
    You know I'll do my best To fill you up with all the love
    That I can show someone I promise you you'll never walk alone
    Well if you need a place where you can run
    If you need a shoulder to cry on I'll always be your friend
    When you need some shelter from the rain
    When you need a healer for your pain
    I will be there time and time again
    When you need someone to love you
    Here I am
    this song is for all my friends,especially JOYCIE!!! (:
    my dearest i.promise,my LLLGVE,my maomao and my pink tigers.
    my sweets.
    listen to the song on my blog kay(:

    Monday, March 24, 2008
    hk trip
    okok, sch has officially started and i'm taking marketing this term, along with some other subjects. anyway,i was so sleepy today after my 3 weeks break, so so so not use to waking up at such an early hour. NOW, the big big issue i have in my head now is the hongkong/macau trip. and the question i kept asking myself issss SHOULD I GO OR NOT?! arghhhh. irritating. i know that it will be an experience of a lifetime. but but but. there will be a huge/major/ultimate deduction in my bank account!!!! that's the big big question in my head. okay,fine. i guess i should just go and talk to dearest korkor and ask if i can loan the money from him and i will pay him back,lets say weekly or monthly. aiyoyo,let me strike lottery la.

    Friday, March 21, 2008
    my babies (:(:(:

    Wednesday, March 19, 2008
    whee whee. another chance to work with maomao yesterday(: she's still as cute as ever. made me laugh so loud on the DFS floor! haha. i like to work with her(: she's so adorable and cartoon. so many many small actions "xiao dong zhuo". anyway, there're like so much conflicts and back-stabbing at my workplace. tsktsktsk. all those juicy gossips and the snatching of commissions and stuff. i cant be bothered la. but i still love gossiping. that's of course(: some ppl are just so fake but of course, there're some nice ones(: hmmm,so so so nice *winks* anyway, i was enjoying my day at home today. watching tv,surfing,cooking are the loves(: and i dun wanna go out and spend money. it seems that i've lost the interest in buying clothes. thats like so weird. and of course, baby kept nagging about how much i've spend on buying clothes and he suggested that i should just window-shop instead. its as if i need 365 clothes for a year. so thats a step closer towards more cash inflow rather den outflow. and i went to pack my clothes the other day,and thats when i suddenly felt that i should just stop buying clothes. hmmm. i shall see how long i can last with that thinking. right now, i just wanna earn more money and spend lesser. i wanna see a jump in my bank account! YEAP! A JUUUUMMMMPPPP! so so so broke now. eheh, okay i will be back pretty soon(; thats all for now.

    Tuesday, March 18, 2008
    hmmm... work work work! i had a really nice surprise this morning (: at 10am, i was still sleeping like a pig in my dreamland and i thought i heard the phone ringing. i dunno if its a dream or not. so when i finally picked it up,it was baby. he was like already shouting at the top of his voice asking me where was i. i was stunned at that moment, WTH, in my dreamland of course. by that time, he was already downstairs, holding the big breakfast in his hands, like perhaps for 20 mins or smth(: waiting for me to open the gate for him. opps. sorry sorry. that's so so so nice of him. In order to get to my place at 10, he should be awake by 8. hmmmm... so so so sweet of you arh,boy boy. haha. i'm so tired now. legs aching like mad.

    Sunday, March 16, 2008
    kor kor
    i'm super duper ultra mega guilty! dearest kor kor went to the airport to fetch me after work today. but i didnt know at all! so he waited all the way from 1115 to around 12 for me i guess. 3 messages and 4 missed call i guess, but i didnt realise anything wrong all the way until 1230. i'm so so so sorry kor kor ): haix,as my friends, u all should know that i have this habit of putting my phone on silent mode,without any vibration. even when i'm not working,like at home or something. i know that's so weird but i just like it. now here i am feeling so guilty!!!!!!!!!!! now,he's already asleep when i'm home. i'm super duper ultra sorry. love you lots la. so tired le still go airport fetch me. sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry. haix. now i so guilty. wondering if he will scold me tomorrow morning.... sorry sorry sorry sorry.aiyo. sorry sorry.

    Saturday, March 15, 2008
    my baby boy
    happy month-sary my baby boy(:
    sometimes u're so cute
    sometimes u're so sweet
    sometimes u're so irritating
    sometimes u're so random
    sometimes u're so annoying
    i still love you(:(:
    Loved you yesterday, love you still;
    always have, always will.

    Thursday, March 13, 2008
    rain,rain,rain,non-stop. this is the situation for today. such cold weather with umbrellas all over the place and ppl scattering around looking for shelters.hmmm,i sort of like this kind of temperature minus the whole troublesome umbrella thingy. sometimes i feel that the weather affects our mood isnt it. for example, the hotter it is, the more agitated i am cos i simply cant stand extreme heat. anyway, went back to school today for a meeting to plan for the upcoming hongkong/macau trip, will be going to various hotels for on-site tours and stuffs. but it all depends on my statement of cashflow ): on a happier note, working with maomao at dfs was fun(: it has been such a lllllooooonnnnnggggg looooooonnnngggg time since we chatted so much. miss her! it was a rather nice experience isnt it(: hmmm,since i'm having my holidays,apart from working, i'm currently preparing a chinese workbook for my dearest eldon(: hope it turns out fine.here i am trying my very best to find out more about the pre-school chinese syllabus so that my workbook is more professional.haha. for that,i cant find anything online so i think i will most probably ask the boy's mummy. heez(: hey,wait. did i mention that i went to watch disney on ice last sat? yup. it was nice. nice view,nice show,nice music. and i guess i enjoyed the little mermaid's part the most as she was the only disney princess performing. BUT. apart from her, there are 2 princesses at the indoor stadium that day you know. puzzled? yup, u got it right. princess clara and princess lorraine(: (: (: okay,so lame*winks*

    Tuesday, March 11, 2008
    i miss them!!!!!!!! *sobs*
    i wanna meet up with them and go shopping/girls talk/have fun.
    lets meet up,my girls(:

    Sunday, March 09, 2008
    life is...
    perhaps some of the things in life, you will not be given a second chance. even if you were given a second chance, it wun be the same anymore. life is like that isnt it. things does not appear to be as simple as what it seems. people too. it's just normal that people whom you regard as ur true friends may not be true to you and i just hate the fact that some people are so damn hypocrites. i just feel like asking myself, why, why, why. its just scary to have people treating you so nicely and that you dun even know what are they thinking about. it might be out of plain kindness or it might be the opposite. who knows. sad to say, this is life.
    There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.
    sometimes i regret.sometimes i feel hurt. but when you realise that no matter what you do, you are unable to change the situation,instead of trying to change the situation. why not try to make a difference to the future. many a times, people often say that "we should try to forgive and forget".but tell me,how many people can actually do that. this entry is just plain random.

    Thursday, March 06, 2008
    happy happy!
    i'm sick. running nose non-stop. bloodddddyyyy irritating. sudden urge to go online to check my grades and now, i'm smiling non-stop(: happy happy me! oh ya, reb is unable to go to any of our blogs and even her own blog. i guess it could be due to the blog ban in china! arrgggghhhh.

    i'm sick ): flu,fever,sore throat ): ): sad sad. it's affecting my life! i cant go to the NEC seminar today!!! i want to get well soon! anyway, i was really nice yesterday. yes, so nice. went to the supermarket in the morning, bought the ingredients and all set to cook fried rice for the boy. after cooking, went all the way down to raffles place to pass him my ai xin lunch(: so nice rite. he was indeed very happy for that(: i'm glad that he's happy. okay. tml will be the release of the a levels result. all the best to glad,el, cherlyn and my love k(: *back to rest*

    Sunday, March 02, 2008
    reb's off
    the exams are over and here comes the HOOOOLLLLIIIDAYS(: not very excited about this holiday as i will be pretty much working! it will be nice to see the inflow of cash. hmmm,too much accounting. went to send reb off at the airport today. was kindda worried for her actually. i hope she will be well. and yup,not too much of communist influence thou. anyway, i was like on the verge of crying already. emotional as usual. but looking at her mummy, which is tearing like mad,i felt so touched. i can feel her emotions. looking at ur dearest baobei daughter, gg to a far-away land all by herself, it's inevitable that she's worried. but reb, we will certainly miss u! waiting for the day when you come back in aug!!! awwww,i feel sad again! i miss you(:
    you make me cry and laugh at the same time
    you make me feel that i do not have to be afraid of anything
    as long you are by my side
    you make me feel like the happiest girl on earth
    you make me tear as if there are no tml
    you make me feel like a princess and treat me like one
    sometimes you treat others so badly that i couldnt believe it's you
    and you treat me so differently and i wonder if it's the same you
    sometimes i dunno if i should be shouting at you or laughing at you
    sometimes it feel so unreal that we're together
    and i will just look at you and smiled to myself
    i love you
    my prince(: