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    Sunday, December 28, 2008
    you (:
    有你陪伴 呼吸着有你的空气
    就是幸福 ~!
    TiAmo ~ tequiero ~
    사랑해 ~
    and I love you ~
    陪着你的光阴永远都觉得不够~~ ❤ ❤ ❤

    Saturday, December 27, 2008
    what did i do on christmas day?
    there's only one answer
    baby got me a coach wristlet for xmas
    i'm happy
    but, i dunno why he chose coach
    cos i am not a big fan of that brand
    but anyway,
    watched bedtime stories today
    it was so hilarious!
    i was laughing all the way
    and now
    its bedtime
    work work work
    sat sun and mon!
    i'm a little sad over my gpa for this term
    cos it dropped to 3.6
    ): meanwhile,enjoy my hols!

    Thursday, December 25, 2008
    i became the babysitter on tue!
    brought the kids out to watch a movie ALONE
    realised that the only cartoon that was interesting
    and still screening was
    so we decided to go to AMK hub to watch it
    we were there early
    so we managed to take some neoprints
    it was such a fun experience!
    the kids were excited
    and i was excited as well
    and most importantly,
    the photos turned out to be very very nice
    as for christmas eve, it was spent with the family and the boy
    as its korkor's burfdae
    it was raining all day long
    but still,
    we enjoyed ourselves
    with the
    animal shows and
    roaming ard the island
    dinner was at trapizza
    an italian restaurant by rasa sentosa
    the pizzas were really yummy and crispy
    and the environment was good
    drove to marina at keppel bay after dinner
    and we had cakes at prive which is located at the clubhouse
    the environment and scenery was indeed breathtaking!
    i love it there!
    the seabreeze, the yacht, everything
    (: photos will be up soon
    merry xmas to all!

    Monday, December 22, 2008
    one phrase to describe my mood now
    extremely happy(:
    baby came back from BKK yesterday
    and he was landing at T1
    i was working at T1 yesterday as well
    so he came to find me on the shopfloor
    thats probably the first time he saw me at work
    met up with lisi today for the
    belated burfdae celebration for the both of us
    thanks lisi for the present!
    i love it
    and i hope you liked urs as well
    the set lunch from cafe cartel is absolutely worth the money
    my jumbo chicken leg is so jumbo!
    and we had so much fun shopping and trying out clothes
    baby's relatives came from US as well
    so we were busy acting as tour guides
    walked from chinatown to orchard to dhoby
    it was such a busy and fun-filled day!
    and i received my xmas present from baby today
    all i can say is
    that boy is such a sweetie
    as to what is the present
    you will find out very soon
    (: (:
    i love my baby!
    kor's burfdae and christmas is coming as well!
    yeah yeah double yeahs!

    Friday, December 19, 2008
    last day of school
    i dun really feel very excited
    especially after seeing all the messages that
    he left on msn
    2 more days
    just 2 more days
    you will be back to this sunny island

    Wednesday, December 17, 2008
    he's in BKK already
    my lesson was extended for tml
    and i'm having an exam on fri
    the bottomline is
    i miss him
    i need hols

    Sunday, December 14, 2008
    today is the start of something and the end of something
    you leave me speechless

    last week of sch
    and i'm like only halfway thru that book as well as tonnes of work to be done before fri ): baby's leaving on thurs and will be back on sun i will miss him a lot
    i think
    no sms-es
    no calls
    no msn-ing
    anyway,looking on the bright side!
    christmas is coming!
    and its time for christmas prezzies
    i bought some toys from toys r us for the sweeties already
    and its below the christmas tree right now
    it has been raining all the way since morning
    what a nice day to sleep and laze at home
    gg to meet baby later on
    last but not least
    happy 16 months my prince

    Thursday, December 11, 2008
    cant wait for hols seriously
    one more week
    and i will be free
    and adding on to the torture
    baby's gg BKK next week
    without me
    i just want this term to be over asap
    and i will be gg to cruise

    Saturday, December 06, 2008
    relationship problems are part and parcel of a relationship
    although we dread to quarrel
    but somehow
    we just cant do without that
    as we are 2 different ppl
    and hence, the difference in thinking
    sometimes i think back
    and wonder
    if i am good enough for you
    sorry baby
    i know i make you sad again

    Friday, December 05, 2008
    20th burfdae-part 3
    i'm back to blog about my burfdae dinner(:
    which seems like so long ago
    anyway, we went to the top of the uob building
    for the sichuan douhua restaurant(:
    its like on the 60th floor
    so i was pretty excited and happy about it
    btw, i chose the location by myself!
    cos i wanted somewhere high
    so yup,
    went to meet kor and family from vivo with baby
    waiting for them to arrive(: our long long table
    i love the tea!
    but its like 6 bucks per cup which is kind of -_- but the food was so yummy i simply love the sharks fin soup
    and the herbal duck which is a jolly good substitute
    for the sold out beijing duck(: the buns were in clam shapes and they were really cute eldon and clara had lots of fun wrapping the duck for us
    the view from the restaurant simply splendid(: the girls
    the boys
    went for a walk after dinner with family
    and to fullerton for a while to relax
    not forgetting the merlion as well
    i love my 20th burfdae!
    baby knows that i wanna spend it with him and my family
    and he made my wish came true(:
    btw, i just came back from JB today
    i love travelling to anywhere with the family
    i guess he probably wont read this
    its a little cheesy
    i love my korkor(: