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    Saturday, February 28, 2009
    end of exams
    start of hols
    i bought the tixs for disney on ice today!
    the 2 princesses are going together
    i cant wait
    double yeah

    Tuesday, February 24, 2009
    tml will be the start of the battle
    2 papers tml
    1 on thurs
    right now
    at this moment
    my brain is exploding
    with the overflowing of information
    god bless me

    Sunday, February 22, 2009
    L and L and E
    the 2 favourite boys in my life
    they gave me encouragements
    they gave me love
    they brought me a lot of joy
    their way of playing games pisses me off
    they dunno how to smile when taking pics
    they make me cry like there's no tomorrow
    they are my pillars of support
    they make me realised the significance of life
    they make me appreciate their presence in my life
    i cherish my life
    because of them
    thank god for everything...

    Saturday, February 21, 2009
    eldon's 6th burfdae
    eldon's 6th burfdae celebration on thurs
    location: tony roma's at suntec
    met up with the boy after sch to buy cake and present for him
    for the cake,it will none other be my all times favourite from four leaves-->coco exotic
    and we bought legos for the burfdae boy
    dinner was at tony roma's
    because they have the best ribs there!
    kor ordered so much
    and we were all filled to the brim
    and eldon was so happy cos he gets to do anything he wants
    and eat and drink like mad
    next week is the last week of school
    1 presentation
    1 report
    3 exams
    and i can say byebye to sch
    and hello to freedom
    not forgetting my long-awaited chiangmai trip!
    jiayou jiayou last lap
    dun give up lorraine!

    Wednesday, February 18, 2009
    back to blog
    with regards to v.day
    not much celebration for us thou
    cos he had work earlier in the day
    and i hate crowds
    so we just met up at vivo to have dinner
    the queue was horrible at white dog cafe
    i even wanted to switch to KFC at some point
    but he insisted that we should wait
    overall the ambience and the food was alryte
    which we had earlier agreed on
    as we wanted to save money,
    i was pretty proud of the herbal tea i got for him
    he said he had something for me as well
    and i was rather surprised
    so i ask him
    "dun tell me you bought herbal tea for me as well"
    and he really took out a bottle of barley!
    and i saw something else along with that as well
    something that i fall in love with at first sight
    something that i was talking about the entire week
    something i tell myself i will save $$ and get it
    i was smiling like an idiot when i saw it, i swear
    and he was so ya-ya when he saw my expression
    that boy arh
    when i come to think of it
    he's really really sweet and attentive at times
    next week will be my last week of sch
    and i can finally smell freedom
    i need a break
    like seriously
    to the boy:
    thank you for your v.day gift
    i really appreciate all ur efforts
    sorry to make you waste money AGAIN!
    i love you
    happy belated 18th(:

    Monday, February 09, 2009
    i wonder
    i wonder if
    i am good enough for you
    i wonder if
    i am understanding towards you
    i wonder if
    i can be your perfect one
    i wonder if
    i can attend to your every needs
    i wonder if
    i am the one you want in ur life

    feb is crazy!
    i'm feeling uber stress right now
    with assignments after assignments
    this wed
    1 assignment due and 1 presentation
    1 exam and 1 case study due
    i haven even touch on anything
    this month is just too hectic for me
    making me unhappy and depress

    Wednesday, February 04, 2009
    god bless
    a lot of things happened recently
    and that one matter that made me think a lot
    will be none other than that
    technically, i am not affected personally
    but more or less, i feel for her
    i hope everything goes well in her life from now onwards
    anyway, i wanted to blog abt....
    fine, i cant remember it anyway
    got back my employment law exam today
    i can only see this kind of marks when i'm in P1
    i cant believe i did that
    but on the other hand, fac and IT is....
    *cross my fingers*
    not working till fri
    cos i have lots of case studies, assignments, projects and presentations
    yet to be done!
    god, please bless us and forgive us for our sins
    thank you for 541 days of magic