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    Friday, July 28, 2006
    crying's the only thing i can do to relieve my stress... 97 days to 'A's, 44 to prelims... i need to buck up seriously... "i'm out of schedule!", that's wat i always says but come to think of it, i've never been up to schedule=) hmmm... frenz: dun get too uptight when i cry okay cos i'm so emotional that i really cannot control myself when i feel like crying and tears will just flow down like a running tap...so dun be shock when i cry for nothing cos that's when i feel like it... To put it simply " IT'S OUT OF CONTROL!" just like how when u're old u can't control ur wee wee anymore... okay...enough of that... softball yesterday was fun and i'm like aching everywhere.. dun even know why cos i dun think it shld be tiring for me... okay... there's like way too much homework yet to be completed and i just found out that it's my turn to present on mon... oh god! i need to prepare.... bye~ give me ur encouragements alright cos i really need it to carry on living=)

    Wednesday, July 26, 2006
    ~nearer and nearer~
    99 days to 'A's , 47 to prelims... wat can i do to achieve my aims?? i can feel the adrenaline rush and i supposed i will have determination to continue wat i'm doing... but how long can this sustain?? This is the last national exam in my life, it's really now or never! I need motivation and a lot a lot of encouragements... My head's splitting and i'm running out of time... time is everything to me...so little time,so many things to do... I can really feel the stress now... will i be able to survive?? i shall try my best for the last lap and endure till 17/11/2006... the day that i'll be free and a beautiful ending to my 12 yrs of scheduled schooling life... jia you =) *wonder whether how long can i take it??

    Friday, July 21, 2006
    super yummy blueberry and tiramisu cake! 18-21-18 it's time to MAKE A WISH!! huff and puff and blow the candles out! happy burfdae to alex , clara and cherlyn!! alex and his body guards strictly girls only! a new invention-school bag used for any purpose...

    Monday, July 17, 2006
    just wondering~
    felt rather weird just now cos suddenly the feelings flow back as if everything just happened yesterday... i can sense ur warmth, ur smile and ur presense... i tot u're already completely out of my life or izzit i choose not to remember any part of you... i'm confused! but since that's my decision i won't regret and i can't! u lead ur own life and i have mine... That's already a perfect ending... all the best... 108 days to "A"s!! i shall work hard towards my goal,after this i'll be free...no more pressure,no more worries...wait for me alright =)

    Saturday, July 08, 2006
    just for you , glad=) happy burfdae to you, happy burfdae to you, happy burfdae to deheng=)

    Thursday, July 06, 2006

    Wednesday, July 05, 2006
    continue next time...

    TPJC PANORAMA's finally over...performance-great!... crowd-great!...ambience-great!... location-superduper good cos it's at esplanade!! so glad that we went for it, though it's short it's still value for money rite pals=)pics will be up soon...too tired now.. "women are like apples on trees: the best ones are at e top of the tree.Most men don't want to reach for e good ones becos they're afraid of falling and getting hurt.Instead,they just get the rotten apples from the grounds that aren't as good but easy... so e apples at the top think something is wrong with them,when in reality,ther're amazing.They just have to wait for the right man to come along-the one who's brave enough to climb all the way to the top of the tree." seriously,i almost cried when i read that on the train cos i was really touched... u might think it's stupid to cry but come on i always cry rite...hahax... thanks a lot dear...sometimes things that appear to be small to you, to me it might be everything=)

    Sunday, July 02, 2006
    a night with mixed feelings
    i really felt devastated yesterday or shld i say this morning... that's when brazil lost to france!!! omg, i dun even dare to open my eyes to watch the match for the final 10 mins... i just kept my fingers crossed and prayed really hard... but sadly my prayers was not answered.. haiz... till now my heart still ache when i recalled abt the match... hmmm... on the flip side of the coin... PORTUGAL BEAT ENGLAND!!!! yeah... cheers to vanene and me... we believed them even when the odds are against them... hahahahahahaha...we know that they will win... i think i shouted "yes!!" ultra loud when rooney got his red card...so bad lar... haha... u see portugal still did it without deco and dunno wat's the other guy's name... this match was so exciting cos i watched it with my bro's friends and they're england supporters..i'm like the only one shouting for portugal lar...haha... i'm like so into soccer now.. so weird.. perhaps might be due to the bettings..opps* alright..feeling very exhausted... bye bye=)

    Saturday, July 01, 2006
    oh my god
    oh my god!! i found yang chen ling's blog! http://www.supermars.com/stars/blog/rainie/ and jolin's one too!

    jam & puat 's bdae !
    after the kiss!! happily ever after.. the burfdae couple!! the celebration was splendid!!... i screamed and shouted with all my might as in it's sports day..i know that was crazy but i just seems to enjoy myself too much that i can't control my brain..hahax... anyway it's a belated burfdae for jam and happy burfdae to puat ( a.k.a kaya) hope they enjoy themselves to the max... by asking them to stand on the chair and enjoy the cheer was indeed ultra-embarrasing for them...but that's the price u have to pay to turn 18 isn't it?? hahax.. the thought of it just makes me feel high and excited... i kept laughing till i almost suffered from an asthma attack although i dun have it at all... the caesar salad with smoked salmon's ultra delicious... the greens are so crunchy and the bread crumbs rocks..not forgetting my fav salmon too =) these days i kept bumping into ppl i haven met like thousand years ago... first it was jeanie and mark ( since sec1) den choon hong and kelvin lau(since last year)... interesting rite! oh ya..forget to mention something.. bonus point= i saw adriano yesterday at TM in sch uni.. hahax =)