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    Tuesday, October 30, 2007
    random pics
    i'm seriously getting from bad to worst. look at all the pics and u will know(:

    Monday, October 29, 2007
    i miss my darlings!!!!!!!!! ): ): eldon and clara,gu gu miss the both of you like mad lar!

    Sunday, October 28, 2007
    a fuck week
    WTH. i have never expected all this shit and yet,yup,they're right in front of me now. Everything seems so weird and unbelivable.i dunno if everything is fake but it certainly creates an impact on me,definitely.i dunno how to put it in words but things are finally back to normal. Thank god for that,seriously.It seems that when the clock strikes 12,everything is gone,like a fairytale. seriously,everything happens for a reason.it was just a beautiful and yet dramatic dream.it makes me truely realise another side of you. or i shld say multiple sides of you.

    Wednesday, October 24, 2007
    heng is so so so cute in this pic!
    just for u(:
    wat kind of expression is this?!
    ches ches
    the girls
    deb deb
    i think i'm a little crazy seriously,with all the stuffs happening all at one go.i really think i shld stop partying and save up. i must show it to him that i can save and that i'm not a spolit brat,i'm thrifty okay(: (: *keeping my fingers crossed* haha! anyway,money is the top issue now for me.. oct is a terrible month,really! but,looking on the bright side,nov is coming!!! yeah,i love nov not becos it's my burfdae month alryte,i just love it for no particular reason. my sch is having this halloween party on fri,wondering whether i should go or not.. better not rite, since i'm so scared of those stuffs... life,life,life,shld i be happy or not?

    Tuesday, October 23, 2007
    i'm broke,i'm broke,i'm super broke! very very broke..hahax(: happy burfdae to minhui,pauline,chanhung and fur! happy happy burfdae!! school started and hmmm it's fun! i love my classmates and i'm getting to know more and more ppl each day..love it man(: things often come when u least expected it to,it's true,it's so true...

    Sunday, October 21, 2007
    minhui's burfdae
    super duper ultra tired..u know wat time i reached home last night or rather this morning?? 6! so tired from all the partying,dancing,drinking and stuffs..but it was really fun!! i seriously dunno wat's wrong with me yesterday night.. first,i scratched myself with my nails till it bleed when i was drinking.next,i punched a guy on his face while dancing on the dancefloor.haha,that guy was really nice abt it(: den,when some guy was introducing himself to me,i knocked my face against him! cos i cannot really hear wat he's saying,so i moved closer and he oso did the same thing at the same time, tata,"BONG"! super pain!! haha,how interesting can a night be(: okay,end of holidays! it's a brand new term.. attachment is gg to start too..i will miss u like hell,i swear! oh ya,and while we were walking,reb knocked against my head,hurts like mad too!

    Friday, October 19, 2007
    i'm sorry,i'm so so so sorry...i dun understand why things are like that...i try to look at things from both perspective but sadly,it seems that nothing i do can change the situation.at 1 point of time,i'm so helpless that i even thought of giving up.do i have a way out?? i cherish every single thing by my side but i feel that psychological matters are the hardest things to deal with.WTH! i'm like killing myself with all this stuffs lar...what should i do,or rather i should just ask myself,wat can i do.. is the psychological barrier that hard to cross over,perhaps there isnt any single possibility that i might be able to achieve that... why cant my life be beautiful for once... WHY WHY WHY

    Thursday, October 18, 2007
    sentosa fun!
    sentosa,sentosa,sentosa!! nice nice nice(: (: i love holidays and i'm enjoying every single minute of it.. life's so relaxing when it comes to holidays... went out like crazy,haha(: party world was pretty fun with his friends on tue! can't wait to go mos this sat,let's party all night long*winks* anyway,yesterday was such an eventful day!! with lots of ups and downs... i almost went crazy lar!! anyway,i'm gg to work at regent hotel soon,hopefully nothing goes wrong(: hmmm,it will be so nice to work there rite..heez..love every single one of you out there alryte even though i didnt say it out("v")

    Sunday, October 14, 2007
    2 months
    happy 2 months dearie! These 2 months has been pretty amazing,with ups and downs of course... the quarrels,the surprises,the little things u do,the stupid things i do,our "special" way of communication,anything and everything... all the little things that put a smile on my face whenever i think of them.. the road ahead might be tough but i believe we will hold on together till the end..

    Saturday, October 13, 2007
    post exam party!
    fun fun FUN! went mos yesterday till abt 4am(: super shacked afterwards..went crazy on the dancefloor,so UN-me! and i seriously dunno how i managed to do that,opps.. anyway,i enjoyed the partying session last night! it was really pure pure fun! it's going to be a special week,relax,enjoy and stay happy!
    dearie,i love u so so so much(:

    Thursday, October 11, 2007
    it's holidays!
    here i am,blogging at his place(: holidays,holidays,holidays.. although i'm very free but at the same time, i felt as if there's nothing for me to do... anyway, it's partying, partying and more partying... this fri with my schoolmates and next sat with i.promise! woohoo(: it will be an amazing week for me with lots and lots of fun! yeah(: (:

    Wednesday, October 10, 2007
    nette burfdae cum bbq
    me me me!
    i feel that this pic is so cute!
    group photo
    i dunno who suggested this pic?
    I'm finally done with my finals!!! (: (: *big smiles* so it's time to relax, unwind and party!!! i'm FREE so ask me out anytime alryte... it's so so so refreshing when it's holidays.. did u realise my holiday comes in advance?? YES YES YES, additional 2 days for me(:

    Sunday, October 07, 2007
    it's sun
    next week is an exciting week becos.....it's my finals!!! haiz..it's so so so stressful ): reports,exams and assignments! so many things to do,so little time.. i think i should sleep later tonight cos my weekends are spend on having fun, so it's time for payback. anyway, e bbq was fun fun fun! doing crazy stuffs and havingg secret talks... i love them! they're fun ppl(: pics will be up pretty soon,probably mid-week or something...hahax! i need to go mug my ass off! jia you jia you jia you! things appeared to be totally different when i'm with you..but i know that no matter how much i cherish something,one day,it will eventually leave me all alone...it's always the case... pls, can i skip that day and have something that lasts forever... can i?

    Friday, October 05, 2007
    random photos
    eldon's soccer team(:
    clara at gymnastics
    princess clara! i wanna be as pretty as you!
    pumpkin fun
    apple picking
    so busy these few days cos it's mummy's death anniversary and kor is not around so i have to take charge. Apart from that, next week is my finals!! so many things to do and so little time,how to survive?? i'm so so so busy these days but yup,holidays are coming(: (: really looking forward to it! besides that,tml is nette's burfdae cum the bbq party. hope that we will have lots of fun(: wat else to say,hmmm,although i'm busy,i'm happy! okay(:
    你想要的 我却不能够给你我全部 我能给的 却又不是你想要拥有的 我们不适合也不想认输 好几次我们抱着彼此都是想要哭 你常解释这样的一切都只是开始 我觉得是所有的一切早就已结束 不想再约束 不要再痛苦 下一次会有更好的情路

    Tuesday, October 02, 2007
    just another day
    just another day.. lessons was quite fun today,learned abt casino management. we were discussing which hand is better,a royal flush or a 4 of a kind? not forgetting the slots and roulette:) it's so nice to study these things in sch, in case u wonder why.. i can spend like a few hours sitting in front of the slot machines,hoping that i could strike the jackpot and be rich for the rest of my life. okay,i'm dreaming.. my wish is...hmmm.. i wanna go to disney world in florida!! it's my dream and my wish:) :) anyway,just told him i wouldnt blog today but yup here i am.. out for dinner with his family again!!! it's the 3rd time already,can u believe it:) haha..this time round,it was prata..nice nice nice,i love the curry! i'm waiting for kor to come back so that we can like go to jalan kayu for prata sessions at midnight..haha...sinful sinful>.<> btw,his uncle and jeff are gg back to the states tml.. maybe u find it hard to believe as we knew each other for like less than a week BUT i felt really sad u know.. i'm such an emotional freak! nice to meet them though:):)

    Monday, October 01, 2007
    sweetie love:)
    lovely den den:)
    2 more months and my dearies are coming home! love love love them:) miss them so so so much.. hmmm.. i really look forward to the bbq this sat,we will have fun! i just knows it:)