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    Monday, January 28, 2008
    i thought of something interesting suddenly.there was once my nick was "happy ending-is there such a thing". heng was talking to me on msn. heng"ya,there is happy ending" i tot he was just being sweet so i just smiled to myself. den to my surprise,he asked me"you want me to send it to you?" i tot he was being lame. but, i really received it. do u know wat it is?? heng arh,i can only say that he's such an amazing boy(: anyway, i was at carrefour the other day and we walked past the clothes section. clara saw that dress and wanted to give it a try. quite funny isnt it! haha(:

    me:tell me wat u wanna be when u grow up?

    eldon:*raise up hand* SOLDIER!

    clara:*raise up hand*PRINCESS!

    my god.haha

    i dun wanna feel like this but i cant control myself. a change is needed.and it must be immediate.

    Sunday, January 27, 2008
    bleeding love

    "Love is not finding that perfect person, but finding all of that person's imperfections and loving every single one of them."

    But something happened

    For the very first time with you

    My heart melts into the ground

    Found something true

    And everyone’s looking round

    Thinking I’m going crazy

    But I don’t care what they say

    I’m in love with you

    They try to pull me away

    But they don’t know the truth

    Saturday, January 26, 2008
    25 jan pizza hut
    impromptu moments(:
    raine and el
    tired,after a long day.
    finally get to meet up with the girls today! at last.feasting at pizza hut was awesome,trying out new flavours. prosperity pizza,yummy(: the pepsi tasted just nice isnt it,el? dun understand why the girls kept adding water.haha. anyway,it was such an enjoyable night,just dinner and updates. everyone's life is so different now isnt it.i'm glad that we still enjoyed each other's company. i'm feeling so tired now after all the editing,waiting for the boy to give me a call before gg to bed(: (:

    Friday, January 25, 2008

    omg! remember this,my girls(: *winks* awww,i miss tpjc. the girls,the crazy class and my stupid acts.. haha.. enjoy the clip,everyone(:

    Wednesday, January 23, 2008
    a busy sch term
    i'm glad that i have the motivation and drive to mug again(: hmmm,that's the way,lorraine! but we shall see how long u can endure,lazy bum bum. by the way,i overslept like a million times! just kept dreaming all the way,refusing to wake up! cant stand myself sometimes. so i think i shld just sleep earlier but the big big problem is i study better at night! haix,irritating. anyway, as usual,i'm missing i.promise and my girls ): everyone's so so damn busy ): but we will still think of each other when we have the time rite(: god bless me for a better tomorrow! looking forward to chinese new year already. and wheee,might be gg to eldon and clara to watch disney on ice in mar(: (: okay,thats like super far away. thank god for everything and i hope that my life will become better and better!! (: (: am i a little mad to write such stuffs.hahax.

    Sunday, January 20, 2008
    JB trip
    isnt that shirt that laogong is wearing super cute(: but he refused to wear it out >.<
    went JB yesterday! we had so much fun(: plus plus plus i did my manicure.pretty,pretty(: covered city square and holiday plaza.but due to time constraint,we were unable to go to the place joyce.g mentioned.but will definitely be gg the next time round!!! yes,we will!! did we buy a lot of stuffs,hmmm,not really but it was okay. btw,was shortlisted for the job(: (: (: more money coming in(:(: i hope everything goes smoothly(: god bless me!

    Wednesday, January 16, 2008
    a new school term. accounting,art appreciation are now part of my life. hmmm,getting to appreciate art and developing a sense of interest in those famous art pieces are..... van gogh,monet etc. anyway,i'm already looking forward to my big break. haha. and i'm thinking of gg overseas,but we shall see how la.cos i need to get someone to nod his head isnt it. *winks* hmmm,all the best for the new school term! As As and more As!

    Monday, January 14, 2008
    5 months
    happy5 months,laogong(: we've been thru a lot of ups and downs throughout the 5 months.i'm very happy that u're still by my side,giving me all the support that i needed. when i mean a lot of ups and downs,it's really really a lot! i really appreciate all the efforts u've put in and i'm glad that u had reserved an exclusive side of u that is just for me(: i love you,my CH boy!

    Friday, January 11, 2008
    2nd round
    today's round 2! anyway,i haven gotten the results yet BUT i'm keeping my fingers crossed :x i dun really understand a single bit.why it seems so so so official.hmmm.dunno whether i shld say it's professional or that it's a bit random. anyway,met Kz at the airport today! so qiao rite. anyway he's a nice guy. went on to suntec for dinner.met teng and sab on the way too(: spend quite a bit on groceries but i'm happy cos the fridge is full AGAIN! CNY is really really really really coming! omg,did i mention that i'm super high over CNY.haha.i love the steamboat dinner,sharks' fins,goodies and red packets of course! so deprived of CNY goodies last year as we were in the states but but but i look forward to lou yusheng the most! the crackers,the yusheng and the veggis!!!! hahaha! tsktsktsk. I CANT WAIT! did anybody know that the fish penyet at beachroad mkt is damn delicious la! hahaha(: life's so good like that-->quoted from lq's nick(:

    Wednesday, January 09, 2008
    been watching romantic princess these days(: fri's gg to the second round!! and i'm really looking forward to it but at the same time,very very scared. hope that everything goes well and i can get it.ya,hope so. hmmm,thats all for now,i need to get back to work.

    Tuesday, January 08, 2008
    i hate myself
    i dun wanna feel this way.i dun wanna behave like that,but i cant control myself. it's such a small issue! why must i be affected.i seriously dun see a point but why cant i just control my heart! arghhh,i just hate it. fuck it.my mood is so so so affected and now i'm fucking pissed.YES,i admit,i'm unhappy and i dun even know why.period.

    Sunday, January 06, 2008
    another place
    created another blog at wordpress.and guess wat,i've got the exact same username(: lorrainey.wordpress.com! so i'm happy. thought of changing a new blogskin.new year,new hopes,new blogskin right *winks* okay,thats super random.i need money,super duper ultra broke.give me lots of cash,will you,pls(:

    Tuesday, January 01, 2008
    a new year
    mini gathering at my place on sun
    super tired,reached home ard 7 plus in the morning.now i should be going back to sleep isnt it. sorry laogong,xin ku ni le.