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    Wednesday, May 30, 2007
    memorial day
    a beach wedding!
    u can see it's really cold rite!
    okay,some recent updates.last weekend was the memorial day long weekend so yup,holiday again! hmmm, on fri we went to the beach. but the weather was rather bad, pretty cold that day so that's no way for me to suntan with my clothes on. as for the water, it's like iced water so there's no way to swim too! nevertheless, we enjoyed the picnic. roast chicken, beef salad, tuna sandwiches and some nice juices to go along with. pretty relaxing rite:) as for sat, we went to take a steam train to santa cruz. nice ride thru the forest and off we went to the beach boardwalk. bikini girls everywhere and a theme park by the beach. nice:) after that, yes! we went gilroy to shop! memorial day so all the shops were having sales. some 25%, some 50%. guess having 50% sale but nothing much so ya, i came out of guess empty handed. nike, adidas, puma were all having sales toooo! but so many ppl in the shop and they were practically snatching so i just bought a nike sports bra(S$15). quite a good bargain rite. as for sun, we went to gilroy family theme park. had some fun and ya gilroy sounds familar rite. we went back to the factory outlets once again to shop. i love gilroy cos it's practically a shopping heaven! that's all. so tired and now i'm down with flu. P.S to nette when i went to COACH,they were having additional 20-30%.

    Friday, May 25, 2007
    me and my friend!
    eldon's graduation party
    eldon's teachers:)

    Thursday, May 24, 2007
    emo emo emo:( depressed, irritated, helpless, watever! i really dunno wat to do, i felt rejected, trying damn hard to suppress those feelings. i dun like it, izzit the only path for me?!

    Sunday, May 20, 2007
    farm farm
    oink oink! that's me!
    on a tractor! whee:)
    they got this for the burfdae party!
    the burfdae girl:)
    the burfdae cake:)
    pinata-filled with sweets and goodies
    jordan, he's my student too!

    Thursday, May 17, 2007
    hk hk
    yay, we're really going hong kong, so it's not zhi shang tan ping(putting idioms into use). but seriously i felt as if it's a class excursion. okay,let's see, joyce,lisi,van,lq,eldora,clara,pauline,oba,nat,shann,jamie and me. tell me, izzit like a class excursion?? YES RITE! but no worries joyce, i WILL take good care of ya:) they're really nice ppl so i guess they wun bully you rite. ATTENTIONN PPL: KINDLY MAKE UR PAYMENT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE TO POH LISI COS SHE'S OFFICIALLY IN DEBT! WE SERIOUSLY NEED UR COOPERATION! this week's really a busy one, filled with excursions and stuff like that. cos it's going to be summer soon, so the strawberries and cherries are in season. so we'll probably go strawberries picking this fri and there's a birthday party and a bbq this sat. hmmm, busy week huh.

    Sunday, May 13, 2007
    international day!
    future beauties!
    our representative!
    one of my students-zack
    kawaii neh:)
    the singapore stall!
    eldon took this!
    some middle east country
    korea and taiwan mother's day promotion-free calling using skype to all phones in the world so all of you can call my hse for free using skype! anyway international day was really fun cos i get to eat yummy food from all over the world! okay,greedy me,no wonder i'm so fat! erm, since it's mother's day, wat shall we do??? louder,louder i can't hear you! louder!!!! YES,SHOPPING! i think we're going shopping tml:) i'm really looking forward to it! hahax. MY DEAREST MUMMY, MU QING JIE KUAI LE, MISS YOU ALWAYS AND U'RE ALWAYS ON MY MIND("V")
    P.S poh lisi, please confirm the bookings soon or else we will have to sleep by the roadside.

    Friday, May 11, 2007
    today's lq's burfdae!
    the burfdae girl with hubby:)
    clara in babybop costume!
    some mother's day party
    happy burfdae liqing and kok kuang too!! i'm really glad to have you as my friend and just wanna say have fun alryte:) i searched everywhere for a pic of u and me and as u can see, there were none! can't believe it lar, we never take pic together izzit, must be u dun like me>.<
    so,i just steal a pic from ur friendster and tada--there lorz. okay, this sat is international day and the singapore stall will be selling chicken rice and bandung.hmmm, my brother is helping out to cook the rice:) he's really a good cook cos it's in our genes. okay, not mine perhaps. anyway,ppl keep asking when i go back to spore how i survive on my own. do i know how to cook?? hmmm, u know wat i've been cooking for every meal since we came to U.S and i can see that i improved. last time i can only cook maggie mee,now i can cook quite a lot of stuffs. erm, if u ask me the quality of it, all i can say is eldon they all didn't have diarrhoea from eating those and they've been eating wat i cooked for like 5 months already. so that's it! bye~