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    Wednesday, February 27, 2008
    damn it
    damn it! i have like 2 presentations today ): so i'm actually quite excited and anxious at the same time. friends, you know. i'm actually a shy girl on the inside. ya. so... i'm scared! haha(: its such a busy busy week. anyway, i miss my boy. didnt get to see him at all as i was really busy. and tml, it will be my final accounting exam,so i'm keeping my fingers crossed* hopefully everything will be fine fine fine today. on a sidenote, dearest reb is gg to leave for shanghai for 6 months on sat! ): ): i will miss her and her loads of crap(*winks*) take care of urself when u're there alryte. if u have any problems abt speaking chinese,u can ask me thru msn k(: i seriously wonder how u're gg to cope there when we all know abt ur chinese standard.i dun think they will get wat u mean... heez(: kidding la.i know u will be fine. must be careful alryte cos ure gg to be there alone. take care take care my girl.
    i want this week to end as fast as possible! i'm flooded with sch work already....
    p.s I'm afraid that i will be crying at the airport la! reb must be thinking that i'm such a crazy girl. u know,me. lorraine. the cry-baby!

    Saturday, February 23, 2008
    work work work
    work work work, school,school,school. i dun even have enough time for my family, friends and my boy now. but nevertheless,i'm actually sort of enjoying the job now(:
    it's nice talking to tourists, seeing a nice smile on their face. i like that. it's like...a sense of satisfaction. anyway, next week will be the last week of my sch!! yipee! but it will be exams, exams and more exams. jia you jia you!! i must endure,endure.

    Wednesday, February 20, 2008
    i'm so tired.yes.i'm so tired. imagine after a long day in sch,from 8.45 to 5.15, rush off to the airport to work from 7-11. reached home at around 12.30. having to walk from buangkok station to my place. madness and my legs hurts like mad. sleep at around 2 and wakes up at 7. i'm dying soon! i'm so damn tired now. i seriously dun understand why must it be so structured. anyway, business was so good yesterday. cant stand it. i didnt stop for 4 hours. on and on and on. 20 hours. i'm working like 5 days a week can. goodness. i will just have to endure till the march holidays, where everything will becomes better. meanwhile, it will be bad,bad,bad. but there's one thing i need to say. i like my job cos it's fun interacting with guests and involving in sales.
    baby, thank you for being there.
    no matter wat time
    no matter where you are.
    love you my dear(:

    Sunday, February 17, 2008
    eldon's burfdae dinner
    a mini toilet bowl for clara(: i wanna go up there someday
    eldon's burfdae dinner
    a feast
    pre-burfdae cake
    chingay-parade of dreams
    eldon's burfdae dinner at sakae sushi.splendid food.i love love love jap food.if u wanna know how much i love jap and korean food,ask the boy! heez(: anyway,dinner was so filling,it's simply like a feast(: lou hei again.lou arh lou,lou arh lou.lou hei,it's simply my fav. the big portions of veggi,raw fish and sauces are a perfect combination.i wanna eat it like everyday can(: *yumyum* after that, it was.... CHINGAY! okay,basically,i'm not interested in anything apart from the f1 cars. so loud,so cool,so fast! the turn was ammmmmmmazing. i'm so darn proud of singapore. the singapore flyer,the grand prix and everything(: i love singapore and i wanna promote this little sunny island to ppl around the world!
    oh ya,sorry glad.due to the dinner,i cant make it to ur CNY party.sorry babe ):

    Thursday, February 14, 2008
    dinner at suntec convention before dinner with laogong
    eldon using a pair of chopsticks!!
    valentine's present! thanks baby(:
    went for a dinner yesterday at suntec convention. nice food, unbelievable auctions. the stuffs are like going at $100,000. and there's this golden carp going at $300,000.i wonder why they have this kind of money,like seriously. anyway, i wasnt feeling too well,prolly due to massive intake of soft drinks before the dinner. hmmm. and happy valentine's to everyone. it's valentine's today!! a damn commercialised occasion. but nevertheless,i still enjoyed this special day. qi ren jie kuai le!!

    Sunday, February 10, 2008
    chinese new year holidays are about to be over. hmmmm,so its back to school again! >.<>hu a shi san yao". my goodness.i was still laughing at him,waiting for the last bai ban,which i tot was impossible for him to win. BUT BUT BUT! he won! ya,a shi san yao. and i almost died. really.no,not i. WE,almost died. anyway,let's do a recap. chu xi-->reunion dinner followed by chun dao he pan, chu yi-->praying at temples, went to the boy's hse to pai nian and followed by movies at my place(: chu er-->hse visiting,hse visiting and more hse visitings. chu san-->whole day gambling session at heng's hse. so it's a fun fun chinese new year i guess. but but but,more angpows pls.

    Thursday, February 07, 2008
    gong xi fa cai! have a wonderful chinese new year(: (:

    Tuesday, February 05, 2008
    yipee! i'm happy! yup,happy happy. tml is chu xi and we will be having reunion dinner(: cant wait cant wait. accounting is over. yeap. O-V-E-R! tml we're gg to the art museum for my art classes,damn excited abt that. but... i have to write a research paper regarding that trip,so.... kind of irritated by that. but but but.who cares. cos i'm more excited abt CNY. red packets are my fav. yusheng yusheng! i cant wait. and mj,cards. goodies. oh god.i'm so bloody excited can! hahahahahahaha. house visiting-->all time favourite. oh ya,where's my chinatown trip?! and my chun dao he pan? hmmm,need to go down someday. eheheh,why am i so excited abt chinese new year? cos..... last year was spent in USA,not much ambience so i'm rather excited this year. no,super duper ultra excited!!!!!!!!!!! oh ya,on a sidenote. the boy came to my place for early reunion dinner tonight(: (: (: the steamboat was oh,so,yummy!!! hope he enjoyed it as much as i do! okay,i know i'm overly excited abt all these. but the point that i'm trying to make is..... I CANT WAIT TO G-A-M-B-L-E! oh,i miss kok kuang's place,where gambling is heaven.

    Sunday, February 03, 2008
    ACCOUNTING IS KILLING MY BRAIN CELLS! i'm so tired from all the calculations and the balancing of entries. aint chinese new year suppose to be a season of gambling and collecting angpows. i'm already in the chinese new year mood,n0t studying mood. haix.i wanna play mahjong! i want i want i want. i wanna play cards! i wanna gamble! i wanna eat yusheng! i wanna go visiting! i wanna collect red packets! my god.i cant wait for feb 6 to come. reunion dinner,yipee! i need some motivation,seriously. yeah yeah yeah! CNY is coming~~

    Friday, February 01, 2008
    the weekends are here---again. nothing to be happy about cos i have mid-term accounting exam next week ): accounting is crazy,thats all i can say. anyway,i will be going to the art museum for my art classes next week! hope that it will be uber fun! super look forward to that(: and....the long awaited CNY is next week too! my hands are itching for some mj. i so so so wanna play mj! and i just cant wait to gamble. heez(: hmmm,wat else? red packets of course.the more the merrier ah.huat ah(:(: