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    Saturday, January 31, 2009
    chu wu
    yesterday was such a busy day!
    had an exam in the morning
    and a carnival in school in the afternoon
    we had a stall
    so i was busy making chocolate fondue
    and italian soda!
    its way way fun cutting fruits for the fondue
    as well as making juices
    and i left early for the party at home
    making bandung
    preparing for the steamboat
    clearing the place!
    and well
    baby and i had lots of fun
    kor's friends are just so entertaining
    baby is not feeling very happy thesedays
    not becos of me definitely
    but some other issues
    nevertheless i will always be there for him!!
    working tonight
    and exam again on mon!
    gg to glad's hse later on

    Tuesday, January 27, 2009
    chu er
    gong xi fa cai!
    2nd day of the lunar new year
    and i'm so stress up with schoolwork
    my exams are on thu and fri
    and i haven even touch on anything
    the only one that can help me right now
    should be none other than
    GOD (:
    had a major quarrel with the boy on chu xi
    we almost couldnt make it past our 18th
    both of us were like shouting at each other already
    had to go work on chu xi
    so kor arranged a reunion lunch for us
    steamboat with abalone, sharks' fin and sea cucumber
    yummy yummy
    and i went over to baby's place for reunion dinner after work
    temple visiting on chu yi
    its like a yearly tradition
    for my family
    as well as
    swensens and movies with the boy
    "the wedding game"
    not that fantastic
    but still,
    i enjoyed the movie
    chu er
    went GA hse in the morning
    to pai nian as well as gambling
    and now
    i'm at home
    so tired

    Wednesday, January 21, 2009
    i was thinking about a lot of things
    and it makes me feel rather emo
    i dun like this feeling
    but i come to terms to accept that
    its all part and parcel of growing up
    relationship is so similar to life
    cos its so fragile
    sometimes we just cannot control our destiny
    i'm feeling emo

    Sunday, January 18, 2009
    my god
    i'm finally free from work
    for a little while i guess
    my legs are numb
    cant feel a single shit
    was browsing thru the pics in my phone
    and realised that i have not blog abt the buffet i had last weekend
    it was awesome
    "Ellenborough Market Café"
    at Swissôtel Merchant Court!
    the buffet variety,the taste and the service
    i simply love it
    was thinking that at some point of time
    it was even better than HYATT's.
    the durian dessert is simply to die for
    making myself hungry while blogging
    i better go get some sleep
    cos i dun really want my skin to age
    what to do cos i'm getting old

    Wednesday, January 14, 2009
    my profs are crazy!
    and they are making me crazy too
    i simply feel like crying looking at my schedule
    2 exams
    1 grp project
    Facilities Mgmt
    3 exams
    1 grp project
    1 individual project
    2 case studies
    1 first-aid course
    Employment Law
    3 exams
    3 case studies
    and looking at the schedule,
    the first exam which i'm having is on 30th jan
    and today's date is 14th jan
    how nice
    its crazy, simply crazy!
    jia you jia you lorraine
    oh ya, i'm working tml,fri and sat
    and for next week, fri, sat and sun
    god,pls save me
    i shouldnt be carried away with the complaints
    the main aim for this post is...
    happy 17th my baby
    just wanna tell u that
    i cherish you and your love
    thanks for tolerating all my nonsense
    and i think u should oso thank me for tolerating you!

    Tuesday, January 13, 2009
    back to sch
    2nd day of school!
    a brand new term
    3 modules
    Employment Law
    Facilities Mgmt
    Intro to IT
    Law again! ):
    i want to mug really hard this term
    i wanna pull up my GPA
    not gg to work so much next month
    due to time constraints
    CNY is coming
    i'm really looking forward to it
    so till then(:

    Friday, January 09, 2009
    our christmas tree at home and all the presents(: PENANG! tek lo si preparation for the gala dinner
    the gala dinner at pavilon
    love looking so sad and unwilling to go home
    bye bye superstar virgo(: i'm too tired to write anything.
    all that i can remember from the cruise
    is the number of bowls of sharks fin i ate.
    and the number of times i went into the casino
    baby boy
    ur presence is my present in life
    i love you

    Friday, January 02, 2009
    happy new year!
    new year
    new layout
    its 2009
    the overrated 21 is coming!