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    Monday, February 27, 2006
    okay ! i'm feeling ultra frustrated ! i dun understand a single shit wat mary's talking abt... econs's like getting no where, i'm so afraid that i will flunged it..i dun wan ! it's fine in the past but now i'm like feeling ultra lost !...okay...anyway back to happy things...when i heard abt the story today i almost die of sweetness... " would u lend me ur shoulders when i cry??" that's the best qn i have ever heard of... when u're really sad u really need a shoulder...really... u'll feel much much better after that... so dun worry friends out there, i will lend u mine if u need it...hahax... i need to buck up..i'm like feeling really lost now..regardless of chem, econs or maths... chinese and pw results out this wed... wish me luck~~

    Sunday, February 19, 2006
    i'm like ultra happy lorz...

    Tuesday, February 14, 2006
    V.day reports
    V.day's like super tired... i feel that i'm like soaked with lemons(whole body aching)..hahax...from early in e morning i went to collect flowers for beloved clara to performing on stage to shouting f*** u at cherlyn to receiving flowers from yogi to having a splendid feast at pizza hut...i'm like really really very tired ! ! Do u like ur surprises clara?? we hope u DO anyway...hahax...he's ultra sweet rite... so dun think that we had an affair...we DUN cos i dun go for "tall" guys... i like taller ones...hahax =) yah...something to be happy abt...we were on the bus and suddenly nat's beloved sms her and ask her out...OMG we all shouted...as if we had struck lottery... all the deng dai is worth it de... ur wishes came true... listening to wat he says at e bus-stop is like sweet, sweet and sweet... he's apologetic of wat he did.. he chose the route he wanted... it's YOU... i can really feel that love's in the air... all the best ! ! provided that he's a good guy... it seems so long since i last liked someone... e empty feeling suddenly feels funny..hahax..let nature takes its course... fate will decide for me...

    Monday, February 13, 2006
    it's the day ! !
    tml is the day ! ! 14 feb ! ! valentine's day ! ! i'm like ultra excited lorz...hahax... it will be a day full of excitement and surprises i guess... i WAN flowers ! ! but it's like ultra-ex la... haiz... even my favourite baby's breathe is like a side flower...so sad... i saw e roses today when i went to the florist... nice nice nice ! ! hahax...so looking forward to tml lorz... i need a valentine really...hahax... hu wants to go out with me... valx, guo, reb how nice of u... i appreciated =)

    Friday, February 10, 2006
    count down to V.day
    oh my god.. it's like 4 days to V.day ! ! i haven even started preparing lorz...ohoh ! ! =( really looking forward to that day... it's going to be full of surprises cos i'll be performing on stage... "how nice" rite...throwing my face in front of my fellow tpjcians... i swear i will married that guy who buy for me the flowers in tampines mall... it's like ultra nice lorz... e colours, e smell everything is like jus nice... although it will wither eventually... we jus like e feeling rite gurls...hahax... so many things to do... revision for SPA cum econs test, news summary, tutorials and my lovely V.day presents... i'm like stressed over that lorz...how funny... dun be too sad now cos u dunno that u're in for a big surprise... u will realised how fortunate u are... try to overcome the obstacles and i really yearn to be ur bridesmaid...hahax..

    Monday, February 06, 2006
    love's in the air~~
    i'm so happy for u!..."i'm in love,i'm in love, accidentally in love" u should sing this song...hahax... valentine's day is approaching...wat are u going to do on that day...hmm...i'm not sure either...hahax...anyway i'll be having SPA on that day...how sad...hu wanna be my valentine??...raise up ur hand can...i need one!...=) love is everywhere...i wan flowers can..baby's breathe(dunno how to spell) is my favourite...hu can buy for me...i think i'll cry lorz...hahax... aiya..going to watch campus superstar le..bye bye

    Saturday, February 04, 2006
    eldon taking foto with bob the builder~~

    i like visiting !
    It's like ultra fun today...went from 1 hse to another and e numbers of ang baos kept growing... e feeling's like "shiok"... hahax... anyway i think my favourite stops are definitely the mahjong and blackjacks stops...i'm like a gambling addict, pls send me for counselling... On the way to kok kuang's hse we kept talking abt our secondary sch days...time flies..really... joyce's sausage mouth and the mr u-know-who misdeeds... it's like so fun and memorable lorz... e steamboat dinner was a great success..credits to reb and family..e soup base's delicious...although reb keep emphasizing that it's e ready-made kind... yah..thanks to val and guo, i have a new layout now...i think i'm a total idiot when it comes to decorating the blog... Anyway, joyce's bro is really shuai now...i think he has some kind of charisma...hahax..i'm definitely not in love with someone like 3 yrs younger den me...hahax... yah..last but not least..a million thanks to kok kuang....how nice of u to 'wait' for us and send us home partially and u're like much better looking den before=) -looking forward to our next gathering..really

    jus trying the font size...

    Friday, February 03, 2006
    yeah!! going visiting tml...all e i promises' hse...hahax...and not forgetting our favourite place.."909"....looking forward to the steamboat dinner and gambling fun...hahax... it's such a wonderful day...went pizza hut for feasting and we got 2 pasta absolutely FREE!!...lisi mus be cheering like mad now...haiz...so pai seh..."can u all hav e pasta first and we will replace them for u later, it's on the hse..." , that's wat the waitress says...immediately, we can see everyone nodding our head..."ON THE HOUSE!"...hahax...wat a yao gui bunch...anyway, the only difference is the addition of the capsicums...hope i didnt spell wrongly...how stupid it is!!... Valentine's Day's coming...i've decided wat i wanna made...hahax..i'll make it a success!!!..i hope* keeping my fingers crossed*....i've planned everything already....dunno whether i'm up to it...i wanna give u a surprise!!