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    Tuesday, July 31, 2007
    current life:)
    we had a blast during the weekends:) let's see. fri,i went to joycie's place to bake a cake for our beloved guo. first timer and we're definitely please with our wonderful creation:) okay,we cannot stop praising ourselves lar! it's really nice okay,thanks to all who put in effort to finish everything on the plate.hope she like it and happy burfdae to her. afterwhich,we went to bedok 85 for some bak chor mee,stingray,satay and or chien.mmmMmm,super nice. after 7 months,i finally get to eat my darling stingray:) den,we went to watch a movie. erm,nice but gross.i totally have no idea wat show we're gg to watch and where before that u know! and on top of that,it's M18 so u know wat u can expect rite:x den,we went to clarke quay. clinic->nice theme and setting,dance floor rather small. in the end,we went to some nice place to have a drink as i'm super thirsty and stayed there till like 2.30am. sat,mj-ing at deheng's place! fun,fun,fun but i was the big loser! super suay that day lar! after that,we went to some restaurant at upper east coast road for a burfdae feast. nice food! crabs,deer meat and some thai tofu:) nice,nice,nice. not too ex as well! that's definitely a plus! after the dinner,i really had no idea where to go. so i just followed deheng up the cab,it's always safe with him around cos i can always get back home! hahax:) our initial plan is to go straight home from cineleisure. however,due to some unforeseen circumstances, we ended up in k-box! me,deheng and loongkee->quite a weird combination rite? anyway, we really enjoyed ourselves. really had a wonderful time with them:) and we stayed there till like 4am,when i reached home it's about 6am. super tired! it brings back a lot of memories when i'm with them. 7yrs of friendship and still counting. okay,so my girls,when are we meeting up??

    Tuesday, July 24, 2007
    hong kong !
    some pose requested by joyce.g
    working on it!
    on the train to disneyland!
    tickets pls:)
    3 little pigs(oink oink)
    looking rather calm:X
    wat a face!
    princess joycie:)
    in a cupcake
    okay,i know i'm messy
    on the way to big buddha:)
    super fierce mickey(looking at lq)
    eldon's favourite ride!
    sexy cat the hong kong trip was superb! thanks to all for their help,i know my luggages weighs a ton:) the dim sum was quite a disappointment,not up to my expectations.but the dessert,nice nice nice! my yang zhi gan lu and tofuhua with papaya(mmmmMMm). disney,disney,a place where dreams come true:) but my dream will be to go to disney world in florida! okay,so 2 down and 3 more to go! toyko,paris and florida:) hmmm,staying alone means that i have to do all the groceries shopping myself. awww,i miss them!

    Friday, July 20, 2007
    i love the big buddha!
    our boyfriend:)
    buzz:) eldon love him!
    winnie:) finally! back in singapore:) oh god,i miss eldon and clara already! u know wat,i can cry just by listening to their voices. anyway,gotta set up my internet connection soon! it's so inconvenient to blog in mac. just wanna show eldon some pics! will try to blog soon,bye:)

    Saturday, July 14, 2007
    i'm coming home:)
    current position:at home,current task:squeeze everything into that stupid luggage,current feelings:mixed feelings. okay,there's a mini gathering at my house,reason being i'm gg onboard a plane to hong kong tml! super excited abt that and super nervous too:) i'm really coming home,like finally! and i'm very worried abt my luggages. i've like 2 huge luggages,1 small hand-carry luggage,1 labtop bag and 1 handbag:X u tell me how to carry?? i hope my peeps will help me:) pls pls pls:) *in a super cute voice and big smile anyway,i'm quite worried abt the luggage weight restrictions. it will be 32kg each bag if i were to fly from US,but the problem is my 2nd flight will be from HK! do they allow the same weight limit?? i dunno so i'm super worried abt that. haiz. oh ya,the amt of food i put in my luggage seems like wo zai tao nan! and i've a little bit of a problem putting all of ur presents in. oh ya, i seems like a retarded in the video lar.i really NEED to change the way i behave! am i right?? home sweet home. no nice weather,no angmohs all over the place, no cheap ice-creams,no travelling,no cheap levi's, NO no worries but yes to good company,good food and best of all, good friends! wait for me for a little while more,i'm gg to be BACK! p.s bring bigger luggages my beloved friends,i might need ur help! pls pls pls:)

    Friday, July 13, 2007
    crater lake
    it's a squirrel
    on the train
    with the ship
    dododododo:) now it's all the packing and squeezing! hmmm,2 more days and i'm leaving united states. having mixed feelings abt that as it seems so unreal to go back to that city i grew up in,hahax:) anyway,i've been gg to the shops for the past few days lar.u know why,it's all becos of you,YoU,YOU! i need to like get some presents for you all rite and yup i'm officially broke:( when i wrote down the list,i almost fainted. let's see,i.promise,s33 girls and not forgetting other dearies.quite a big number so dun expect it to be a BIG present alryte?? i've already tried my best! haha:) yesterday was my last chinese lesson.awww,gonna miss the boys:( monterey,the place that changes my perception of angmohs. i will always remember the beautiful memories here!
    hong kong,here i come! so excited:) i wanna chi ping,buy po luo bao and shop till i drop!