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    Friday, October 31, 2008
    full day classes yesterday and HFTP AOM (:
    i'm so gonna kill myself for the law assignment already
    its so so so difficult!
    my god.
    i need to get it right
    if not my grades will suffer big big time
    the minimum is 12 pages
    and i think i wrote like 1/4 page only
    )= )= )=
    i need to work harder!!
    After AOM, i left at ard 8 plus
    cos baby wanna watch a show which starts at 9 plus
    and i tot they bought the tix already
    i think i'm like the only one closing my eyes and ears in the cinema
    its not a ghost show but rather a show abt some virus
    its omg-so scary for me!
    i wanted to cry when i reached home
    cos i was so scared
    and i didnt managed to sleep until 5am
    i'm such a timid girl!!
    and to think that i'm gg night safari for the halloween thingy tonight
    with lisi, maomao and weili
    i'm excited(:
    and scared at the same time

    Wednesday, October 29, 2008

    Sunday, October 26, 2008
    hort park
    met up with baby after his work
    and we had pizza hut for dinner(:
    erm, that wasnt my first choice
    but well, he likes it
    vivo was way too crowded
    and i dun really like it
    so we headed to his place for dvd-watching
    he fell asleep like after 10 mins -_-
    i guess he was too tired
    so i ended up watching the show all by myself
    skipping the scary parts and closing my eyes whenever i need to close
    soon after
    we had a fight
    over some random issues
    a BIG BIG one
    and i went home at 2am
    went brighthill to pai pai as its daddy's anni
    headed off to biopolis or smth afterthat
    for some science show
    it makes me feel like a kid
    but the show is good, nice experiments and very entertaining
    followed on by hort park
    we walked all the way from hort park to mount faber
    which is ard 2 plus km
    the scenary was breathtaking and
    we had so much fun monkey-watching!!
    the baby monkey was definitely a plus
    and now i'm so tired
    tml's a public holiday and i'm working
    till then

    Wednesday, October 22, 2008
    ****ing depressed
    i am not happy
    just like glad and nat
    their baby boys are in overseas
    so they dun get to see each other
    therefore they are unhappy
    why i still dun get to see him!
    i am so depressed
    its not like a day or two and i kicked a big fuss out of it
    its like over a week!
    its either he has work or i have work
    and just when tml i have no work/no sch
    he has some irritating godknows what compulsory school thing
    and now i'm damn ****ing depressed
    put that aside, law and stats looks good this term
    *keeping my fingers crossed*
    a lot of readings for law and practices for stats
    okay, thats all for now
    i'm gg to bed

    Sunday, October 19, 2008
    flu,cough,sore throat, fever!
    i miss out all the fun for pauline's burfdae celebration
    and more more more
    but at least now i'm feeling better with all the medicine
    i hate it when i'm sick
    i cant join in the fun
    and i'm like having hols right now
    but next week i'm gg back to sch
    so shitty
    the only week that i should be having fun
    is spent resting in bed and drinking medicine
    nvm, i hope that i can make it for maomao/shann burfdae celebration
    btw, did i mention that i'm taking
    hospitality law and stats next term
    glad that i'm able to transfer econs
    if not i'm gg to die die die

    Thursday, October 16, 2008

    Wednesday, October 15, 2008
    15 oct
    fun fun fun day
    activities for the day
    we went for a massage together(;
    a pretty painful experience for me
    no doubt the benefits for the body
    will go back again, once in a while
    to loosen up the bones and muscles
    he is definitely getting more patient on that
    instead of the usual rushing
    so i'm happy
    and hope that he keep up the good work
    decided on connected starring daS and gutianle
    instead of painted skin due to qiyuwu
    i dunno why but baby hates him
    so we decided to forgo that show
    erm,overall i think connected is quite good
    daS still as pretty as ever
    but its rather weird risking ur life for someone u dunno at all
    and it is definitely a bonus that its my off day(:

    Monday, October 13, 2008
    a week of hols, or rather break
    starting work tml
    after a long long rest
    but i'm losing my voice
    coughing like mad
    a mini meetup on the train
    saw kk,jason,mk,ter,shann and elshan in the same cabin!
    so so so coincidental(:
    went bedok 85 for enivar burfdae celebration
    yummy stingray, or chien, chicken wings and sotong!
    followed on by RocknRolla at cathay
    i seriously feel that the show is crap
    or izzit just me
    continued with art of devil at baby's place
    basically nua-ing at baby's place
    playing viwawa and fm
    some window shopping at bugis
    life tends to slow down when u have nothing to do
    planning for our trip in dec
    having a change in destination
    hope it will be very very fun(:

    Wednesday, October 08, 2008
    nette burfdae celebration
    the burfdae girl (: love is..... LYNETTE!
    joycie love! i finally get to meet her(:
    nette biGGG 2 burfdae celebration at biGGG O
    oh so exciting day
    first it was cindy's surprise,
    my god, i'm so happy that i get to meet the BF
    joycie came to meet us too
    double yay
    half of us ordered fish and chips
    and the other half bacon chicken leg
    yummlicious food(:
    lots of catching up
    with all the jokes abt ex-classmates,juicy gossips and stuffs like that
    so fun so fun
    the cake is perfect!
    nice chocolatey coating with yummy durian filling
    i think we sort of finished it in like less than 15 mins
    its heavenly!
    boys are boys
    but girlfriends are still the loves
    last lap of this term.
    jia you(:

    Friday, October 03, 2008
    i just want fall 1 to be over
    the assignments are up to my neck
    accounting quiz tml
    events proposal due on sun
    HR finals on mon
    and there are definitely a lot more
    trust me.
    i am so tired
    let me take a break
    cos i am seriously in need of one
    i am going crazy
    cos i am damn bloody stressed up now
    getting an A is no longer possible looking at my rate
    i am depressed )=