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    Wednesday, January 27, 2010
    at the zoo!
    day 3 at the zoo already!
    thesedays i try to sleep at 10
    1030 latest
    and wake up at 6!!
    every single day
    cos the journey there is like 1.5 hrs
    but come to think of it its really not too bad
    cos even if i work at the airport
    i will leave 1.5hrs in advance as well
    but i'm really super not used to it!
    basically work is okay
    i'm doing some planning for halloween
    this year at night safari
    but nothing will be mentioned
    cos its P&C
    and CNY as well!
    but the fun thing abt this job is that
    i get to go around the zoo during lunch time
    feed the animals for free
    take the tram/boat for free
    eat for free
    basically everything is free la
    and i get to know the zookeepers and everybody in the zoo
    its like a big family
    but now
    i get to see the boy lesser
    only for fri and sat i think
    thats like the SADDEST part!
    i miss him like mad
    i hope my stay at the zoo will be very very enjoyable!
    by the way
    eldon's pretty excited that i'm working in the zoo right now
    and he thinks i am the zoo keeper
    taking care of lions and stuffs

    Thursday, January 14, 2010
    29 months
    once upon a time
    at the age of 13, a girl went to a new school
    a totally new environment
    she saw a guy in her class and immediately she told her best friend
    "i saw someone special"
    from strangers to friends
    every night
    they were on the phone
    talking about anything under the sun
    it mainly revolves around another guy in class
    and about his parents
    she did not mind listening to all this nonsense
    and laughing at his jokes
    even thou
    some were not exactly funny
    along the way
    she told him about her feelings towards him
    but he didnt utter a word
    and not long after
    he got together with another girl
    she decided to focus on her studies
    Throughout the years
    they did not contact each other at all
    including the girl
    thought that all was over
    3 years down the road
    with the help of a friend
    they began to hang out together
    the girl knew that something will eventually go wrong
    if they were to continue behaving this way
    the girl plucked up her courage and scolded the guy
    and asked him to leave her alone
    because she doesnt want to repeat the mistake she made
    6 years ago
    on that very night
    the guy finally told her what was on his mind
    the girl hesitated
    and thought of everything in the past
    she was afraid that he was lying ,being such a jerk
    but in the end
    she agreed
    she realised that deep in her heart
    29 months
    884 days
    with you
    i did not regret the decision i made that very night
    you brought me so much tears in the past
    and now
    u brought me so much happiness and love
    thank you
    my baby boy
    i love you
    you are
    my dream came true

    Tuesday, January 12, 2010
    updates on the routine life

    met up with i.promise on sat
    and we had so much fun at minds cafe
    all the laughters and the jokes
    and all the memories
    i'm so glad to have them
    down the memory lane with me
    really a bunch of bestest friends u can ever find
    i was watching xia yi zhan xin fu on youtube
    after reading jam's post recommending it
    and i really love the storyline so much so much
    its such a fantastic love story can
    so touching
    and the super cute little boy
    but will have to wait for like an entire week for the next episode
    i hate the suspense!
    my attachment will be starting soon
    really look forward to it
    and hope it will be something that i really like
    oh ya,
    eldon is now the monitor of his class
    super proud of his achivement

    Monday, January 04, 2010
    its the first day of school for my little prince
    and he's finally primary one!
    so excited that i woke up at 7 just to say bye to him
    and gave him additional 20 cents in case he wanna call home
    so excited talking about the school canteen
    and advise him to eat faster since he's like a slowpoke
    when it comes to eating
    so tml i'm gg to send him to sch
    pretty excited
    this naughty little prince of mine
    kept reminding me to sleep now
    in case this gugu of his cant wake up tml
    so i think i will be sleeping after this post
    as for the big prince
    someone in school has a crush on him
    and was pretty open about it
    and she kept smsing nonsense stuffs to him
    and the messages comes in like every 5 minute
    so i was pretty pissed with it
    but we shall see how it goes
    till then
    a happy lorraine enjoying her vacation

    Sunday, January 03, 2010
    i need to have a decent post badly!
    since its a brand new year, i should be blogging constantly
    went cruising with the usual peeps
    on the last week of 2009
    and we had fun with the newly added waterslide
    the standard of the food onboard were not as good as before
    a major disappointment
    but its the company that matters
    we had so much fun
    although i lost a lot of money in the casino
    but well,
    there's win and lose in gambling
    i was working on that day
    so basically i spent my countdown in the lift
    about to reach home
    luckily baby was with me
    so it was not that bad
    although we were having some conflict at that point of time
    after that
    i got the car, we went to nich's place
    for mj and drinking session
    till 7am
    before we headed home
    1 jan
    JB day!
    set off with the family and baby to JB
    we went to some jusco shopping center which is so far away
    and we spent the day there
    doing manicures, massages, arcade with the kids
    and eating yummilicious food
    so so so much fun!
    just love to spend time with the family and him