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    Friday, March 24, 2006
    a life of studies~
    todae's fac test's like okay... hmmm...manageable but dunno whether can do well anot... i'm prone to careless mistakes.. okay... i think i'm suffocating, loaded with HWs.. can't even enjoy my weekends in peace... anyway, something to be pleased... i like it when i see him in sch.. it seems that it will brighten up my day...haha... but it's stupid to have a crush on someone u dunno lorz...hmmm.. and i'm like too busy to tink of anything else.. we were talking abt rating guys today...how cruel can that be... giving someone a lower then average mark makes me feel kindda bad... so i'm definitely against this point system...but to me, he definitely worth 7.5-8 marks...haha... i thought i just mentioned that i'm against the point system...opps~~ ya..nat mentioned that guys will take u for granted when u treat them nice...is that the case...i dunno but it feels funny when u take them for granted isn't it...went to watched" DORM" today..i tot it's supposed to be scary but i ended up feeling touched.. a nice show... i give it a 7.5 i supposed..

    Tuesday, March 14, 2006
    back to work~
    okay.. i'm partially out of depression cos i'm like too busy to think of anything else..right at this moment... i'm just like a tourist..went to the airport like 3 times in this week.. hu says it's a holiday week?..To me, it's just a week without going to sch,everything remains the same...do work do work and more work... not that i'm hardworking is that i need to complete it before i get slapped by my teachers... haiz.. BUT...something to look forward to will be the bbq this fri..yay..finally a day to enjoy... FINALLY... but i still dun understand all the concepts...ok...i admit..i'm STUPID!..alright...my brain's not working!!... haiz...

    Tuesday, March 07, 2006
    fragile life
    240 days left... Did u realise that the person beside u can leave u anytime no matter how tight u hold on to them... i've learnt how to treasure things even before i lose them but does it helps??...Not at all ! LIFE is so fragile, some ppl try all their might just for the last breath... while others decided to end it based on a thought... it never occur to me that a person around my age will do such things... i thought i was the only one that had given this path a thought... ending a life really needs lots of courage... some ppl say it's selfish to do so, some say it's stupid to do so...but have u ever wonder why they do such things..cos they can't find a meaning in life... i really got a shock when i heard the news..."How can that be..It's impossible!" but it's indeed true...he chose a path, a path which he thought might be the only way for him... me too have not found the meaning in life..but i'm still holding on just for a promise i gave...

    Thursday, March 02, 2006
    'A' level
    OKAY! there's like 245 days to 'A' level...i'm determined to work hard now.... i'm prepared for the challenge... i'm going to use up all the energy in my body for this !... i've got no time !... it's kindda stressful but u reap wat u sow rite... haiz... i'm feeling really stressed!...i cannot forget the expression that ppl hav on their faces when they received their results... joy, sorrow, troubled, loss... as for myself, it's erm.. disappointing and yet satisfied... i can't blame anyone for this kind of results..jus blame it on the amount of effort i put in... NO SLEEPING IN CLASS from now on...dunno whether i can do it as its out of my means... understand every single shit of wat the teacher is talking about and treat it as 'words of gold'... i've tonnes of projects, homework and revision yet to be done... and they're due in 1 wk's time... save me GOD!