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    Tuesday, February 27, 2007
    i knew it!
    SHIT! i knew it. the results are coming out on friday, that means it's going to be a thurs here. my heart almost drop out when i see " release of GCE A level results on fri" on tpjc.net! oh god i know that everything's fixed but i just can't stop to worry. i almost cried lar. i dun wan to face the truth, i'm not prepared to face the truth and i never will. basically i can do nothing but to pray just pray that i can get into the course i want! pls pls pls can lao tian dote on me more. i need to pass this hurdle or i dun know what should my next step be? haiz.. anyway i had my first chinese lesson today and it was pretty okay. i hope the kids enjoy my lesson as much as i do! haiz.. u see how the results affect me. the moment i close my eyes i see mdm lim in front of me and i start to panick. how to sleep?

    Sunday, February 25, 2007
    san diego trip- legoland!
    recent updates: i had my first babysitting job yesterday and i started driving... mon i will be conducting my first chinese lesson... so many first time in a week=) babysitting was alright expect the baby kept crying and i had to use food to distract her... the pay was 20USD=$30 so it was kindda alright... driving super scary and i was trying my best to control the car and it felt totally different from those in arcades and go-kart... i hope my chinese lessons will be fun and nice=)

    Wednesday, February 21, 2007
    san diego trip--seaworld
    killer whales!
    whee... just came back from san diego...the journey's like super long approx 8 hours by car... but it was kindda worth it cos both attractions turns out to be rather nice... when we went to seaworld itself it was also chinese new year (chu yi) so i was actually wearing my new clothes...hahax... ya and it's the first time i'm feeling hot since i came to america 2 months ago... hmmm... i miss the chinese new year goodies badly... i want to eat them lar=( this chinese new year, no visiting, no goodies, no reunion dinner...so it feels kindda weird no mood... but we're going to have a chinese new year gathering like next week...whereby all the singaporeans will bring something and we can like have potluck together...cool rite=)

    Thursday, February 15, 2007
    V day
    clara's dance class
    it's V.day today but nothing special happened...just that i finally passed my driving theory and i'm on my way to becoming a driver=) there're like so many rules here...like if u see a train approaching what must u do and stuff like that... pls lar u hardly see any trains in spore expect for mrts and they are never on the road so it took a while for me to understand...oh ya... some boys was knocking on my door and pass me a box of chocolate when i was cooking... ooohhh... it was my brother who ordered it... and u're rite.. eldon and clara was the happiest!

    Monday, February 12, 2007
    eldon's burfdae party!!
    his presents=)
    my backyard now!
    his cake!
    adorable clara
    eldon's burfdae party was a blast! many ppl came to celebrate his burfdae with him and ya lots and lots of present... he's like super happy lar... i gave him a lightning mcqueen track shoe and he's like duper happy, when he's happy i am too=) everyone kindda like enjoy the food... curry chicken, sweet and sour fish, nuggets, fries and veggies... hmmm... we wake up like super early to prepare the stuffs but definitely worth it! oh by the way i failed my theory... going to retake next week i guess... super unlucky the questions are like quite different from wat i have so i dun understand and failed by 3 marks... shit lar... hope i can like pass for the next round!! trip confirmed for next fri: san diego!!!!! i will try to take more pics of the killer whale and legoland okay... meanwhile i will have to study for my theory... wait for my good news okay...i hope or my brother is going to nag like mad!

    Friday, February 09, 2007
    i'm so proud of u dearie! 9 pointer arh... can't believe it...stay or not i guess it's ur choice=) hmmm... ur results are out so mine will be out sooner or later...these days i keep having nightmares of it...i dunno why but i think i will do badly... i really dun wan to get it... i'm too scared to face the truth... i feel like crying even at the thought of it... pls god let this sorrow end...

    Tuesday, February 06, 2007
    dim sum dim sum
    we went san jose yesterday to have our long-awaited dim sum feast=) the queue was like super long and we waited for at least 1 hr plus but definitely worth it i guess...siew mai, har kao, xiao long bao and more... the feeling was so shiok and u just cannot stop eating, but when it comes to the bill it was like shit 60 USD...quite ex lorz so we decided that it will be a one month once kindda thing... after that we went shopping but there was no sale so we went home kindda like empty handed( excluding the grocery stuffs) u know now my backyard certainly looks like a playground...kor bought a slide with swings attached and both of them are pretty happy about it... can't wait for eldon's burfdae party on sun...oh my oh my he's turning 4...time flies ha=)

    Friday, February 02, 2007
    trying to show their injections clara and eldon went for chicken pox vaccination today.. clara had like 5 shots and eldon had like 4 shots...can u imagine it!!! they came home crying like mad..i think it must be real painful....awww! they need the injections before they can go to school...oh ya...we're having a burfdae party for eldon on the 11 of feb in advance...his burfdae is on 19 feb=) and guess wat... the theme is cars!!