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    Friday, August 31, 2007
    woohoo!!!!! it's friday and the weekends are coming:) after a week of getting up at around 6 plus,i badly need the weekends.hmmm, this week is super packed with all the assignments and stuffs and it's like only the first week.so i'm expecting for the worst already for the rest of the quarter,with lots of tests and projects coming up.anyway,went to the IT fair yesterday and bought a laptop bag for my new laptop.it's seriously damn funny lar with some guy trying to act friendly,it's like so random. anyway,guess wat.i met an old classmate at the fair and i swear his whole face change like mad. i have never seen anyone who changed that much in my whole life.i was so damn shocked and just stared at him like nobody's business.if he didnt tap on my shoulder,i would never recognised him! serious,he really changed a lot! after that,we went for some ben&jerry's and donuts,followed by our long-awaited steamboat feast:) the soup is so nice and i love it,i think i drank like around 10 bowls lar. anyway,just came back from school. so i'm waiting for him to come to my place to fetch me and we're going on the hot-air balloon tonight:) hmmm,so unexpected for him to do that but i think i will like it,minus the height part.hahax,we shall see:)

    Wednesday, August 29, 2007
    busy lar
    okay,it's only midweek into week 1 and i'm like super busy already! test next week and i have like essays to rush for the weekend.oh come on,everything's going so fast.but overall,school is rather fun because we can like make new friends and learn new stuffs(: i'm happy,found a faster mode of transportation today,the purple line,i should just forget abt my 88.it's like 45mins faster or something! so now i can wake up slightly later(: gg to the IT show tml with reb,val and heng followed by steamboat!! yeah,i can't wait for that.opps,did i mention i have a quiz on fri,i think i need to study today so that i can enjoy tml.i'm really glad that the sky's clearing(: and i hope that tomorrow will be better then today!

    Tuesday, August 28, 2007
    it's just you
    and me
    i'm trying to copy joycie's way of writing cos it allows me to better express myself. she really dunno wat she wants. she needs someone to show her the directions. izzit okay for her to do something that she doesnt wanna do? izzit really really okay?? she's lost in the forest and she cannot find her way out. i'm starting to feel the pressure of school. assignments,quizzes, tests and stuffs like that. when i'm stressed,i'm sad. but i will try my very best. shit,i'm feeling emo again.god bless me and show me the way for the rest of my journey. will everything be alryte??

    Monday, August 27, 2007
    first day of sch!
    thank you:)
    glad and el!
    first day of school! rather tired but everything went fine:) i'm so glad i went to the states for so long cos the lecturers are from nevada.i wouldn't have understood wat they are saying if i didnt went to states! i'm seriously very tired.shall blog more next time.thank you for the present,i love it!

    Friday, August 24, 2007
    orientation today:) super fun and the seniors are like super cute! okay,basically,abt a quarter or so of my classmates are koreans:) i LOVE koreans cos i think they're duper cute especially the guys*wink at guo and nette* made some new friends too,very happy abt it but the more the merrier rite:) i'm all set for class already,like finally,i'm contributing to the society! after the super tired orientation,he came to fetch me and we went esplanade for some night views.it's really really pretty up there and i just felt very happy looking at the IRs.quite crazy rite. hotels really make me happy,dun ask me why:) by the way,i seriously cannot wait to go steamboating with val,u know cravings for STEAMBOAT! it's like damn strong already.and yup,the books are like super heavy,sorry abt it and thank you for everything:):)by the way,i'm going to do some intensive advertising like pretty soon,provided i can confirm everything by tml.look out for that alryte.ya,i feel like saying this.i love you,my dearest i.promise and my girls.i love you,my precious precious family members.i really really love all of you:) take care everyone!

    Thursday, August 23, 2007
    clara's burfdae:)
    it's actually clara's burfdae,i'm slightly late for that.but still,happy burfdae my princess:) went out with my girls today,like finally.i realised that i miss them a lot.joking with dearest lq,bullying dearest lisi,teasing dearest gladys,crapping with dearest van and smiling at dearest el.2 yrs may be short but we're still going on quite well isnt it. friendship is such a magical thing. u know it when u're with the right company.i really treasure our friendship and promise that we will still be the same! damn emo now,dun worry,i will be here for all of you no matter wat happens.
    believe in love cos it's the closest thing we can get to magic:)
    joycie,i dunno if u're reading this.just wanna tell you that i will always be ur listening ear,24hrs a day,anytime u need me alryte.i will always always be here for you! we have been thru a lot a lot and i really really love you.omg,i feel like crying already after reading wat u wrote.you will always be an important part of my life okay:) take care my love!

    Monday, August 20, 2007
    i miss them like nuts:(
    my beloved darlings
    happy early burfdae princess!
    with all her burfdae presents by just looking at the pics,u should have guess wat i'm doing now.yes,i'm crying again:( i want to like hug my darlings and tell them how much i miss them! my princess is like super-tanned now lar.darling eldon looked as if he's in pri sch already:) ahahahahah,gu gu really miss both of you like mad! and look at wayne,he's like a big boy already.awww,i miss everyone in california! wayne,josie,zack,jordan,traval,shaelyn,kyle,noah,hannah,rachael and most of all,my 2 darlings:( 4 more months to go!

    pain pain pain:(
    can u see my name?
    hougang mall!
    so funny,he's trying to be in the pic!
    :) here i am in whitesands with dearest yu quan,trying to bid for something:) we're here for like 2 hour plus already and all i can say is the government system is kindda cocked up.i really enjoyed his company.sat night,we went to geylang for some late-night touhua.the moment i got down the bus,the ah pei looked at me as if i'm selling myself.look and look and look,damn it lar.i think some of them even wanna approached me as they assume all girls there are in that trade. deheng was so worried abt me that he insisted to walk behind me and lk was in front. got like stared from top to bottom dunno how many times.anyway, it was a really fun experience,a trip to hell. sun,went feasting at fish&co with him followed by long-awaited rush hour3. super duper hilarious lar:) must watch must watch! and yup,finally,get to take neoprints! i really appreciate it as i know u dun really like it but u just wanna accomodate me. okay,i'm going to start school like super soon:) now,going to have dinner with dearest yuquan already,gonna comfort him and give him lots of love:) bye~

    Saturday, August 18, 2007
    went to watch the fireworks yesterday with the girls and him(lasted for 15mins).it makes me feel kindda touched becos i really really love fireworks:) anyway,disneyland is still the champion becos it made the fireworks felt so magical! like a dream come true:) oh ya,u know u can make dedication at the fountain of wealth rite.all i can say is it's like super anti-climax lar:( u must have no idea how touched i will be if u change the name(like WTH).anyway,we had a good laugh.deheng will be so damn mad if he sees it and i think he will probably kick ur ass,hahax! okay,i'm happy for now:):):):):):) i'm waiting for someone to send me the pics~

    Friday, August 17, 2007
    haaas believe it or not, I feel like crying. Had the happiest news today. I am very sure everything will be happy forever. I know you will stay happy forever. ^^ *hugs* You have an extra support now.. Things have changed and we think its a right choice! haha. Do stay happy~! 这是个不能说的秘密… trying to join in the fun! i got a shock lar,first i read nette's followed by reb's den val's. they all wrote the same paragraph,okay,i think nette wrote it!SORRY,it's val:)btw,i was caught red-handed today so yup i'm not gg to deny it,hahax. anyway,i'm really happy today:) the things u say,the stuff u did really meant a lot to me.can we like just heckcare abt the past and the future?? all that is important to me is the present:) omg,i can't believe it,i'm seriously going down:)and not to worry alryte,YOU ARE MY CHOICE("v")

    Thursday, August 16, 2007
    stop saying i'm mysterious okay *roll eyes oh ya,went to watch secrets with guo,nette,val,bs and loongkee at ps.hmmm,okay,not bad but the travel thru time part was rather lame.their relationship=super sweet and i think he looks quite cute in that. thruout the whole movie,guo kept laughing like a mad woman lar.the moment she saw jay,she started laughing and her laughter can be on par with mine so u know how terrible it is. but seriously,she's damn cute:) anyway,i can't wait to start school.come on lar,i want to be busy,or else i feel like i'm a feiren u know,like not contributing to the society at all. ya,joycie is damn funny! she called me yesterday posing as a guy and it sounded exactly like one! i dun even recognise her voice lar,thought that it was a promoter or something.she's damn good at it,serious. and i keep having gastric thesedays,so terrible:( okay,not like both matters are interlinked or something,i'm so random.i really need to say it,I MISS MY GIRLS!! where are they,totally no news?? *crying super loudly

    Tuesday, August 14, 2007
    the start
    today's the start of something and the end of something.that's all i can say:)

    Friday, August 10, 2007
    chinatown fun:)
    i dun wanna complain but dun u think that the price of public transportation nowadays is simply ridiculous! i need to topup my card like mad and 20 bucks is never enough.i dun feel like growing anymore,student fare is like so much better,so i try to walk as much as possible now. anyway,hmmm,we went mj-ing at heng's hse on red dot's burfdae:) won some money and i felt really patriotic abt sg! so damn proud of singapore lar although it's just a red dot,so wat,i still love it:) made a couple of trips down to chinatown for some niang tofu and touhua. love that place cos it makes me feel like a tourist,hahax. the old buildings,the smell of bagua,the fab desserts,the cheap stuffs,everything abt chinatown. i still remember when i'm in states,i will get really excited when we're gg to chinatown,the same applies to the library. chinatown in san francisco,in vancouver,in victoria etc. awwww,i miss california:) okay,especially ROSS and the factory outlets! i hope tml will be a better day and i really dunno wat i'm in for. met the new neighbour for the first time,single and he's from germany.kor,julian's family moved already! i miss the days i took a cane and chased after you.i miss the days i count 12345 for u to come to the table and eat ur food.i miss the days u hug me so tightly when i'm gg babysitting.i miss the days u come to my bed and pester me to wake up.i miss the days u act like a monster and want me to kill you.i miss the days u refused to let me watch the DVD of my choice.i miss the days u ask me why i'm sad and told me not to cry. i miss the days when u hit me like crazy when i refuse to let u eat sweets and chocolates.i dunno why i'm tearing like mad when i look at ur pics,so emo lar.i really miss u all,4 more months:)

    Tuesday, August 07, 2007
    enjoying my beef horfun
    the thai restaurant with yummy-looking desserts! i'm gg to try it someday!
    okay,i kindda regretted this
    mMmm,nice one!
    artistic piece
    pretty sentosa
    i ask them to take a pic and this is wat i get
    happily wearing my sunglasses with a superstar shot!
    after i ask him to bend down for me
    this is wat i call a nice smile,get it:)
    guo's burfdae! look at the cake on the table,joycie's and my creation:)
    am i always that crazy?!
    perfect jump!
    this photo is super funny,we looked like practising qigong or something! i really need to heckcare my unglam posture and share it with u guys.
    after the sun at chinatown
    i dunno when heng looked so happy
    weekend stuffs again! hmmm,sat he came over to play pool and told me quite a lot of very personal stuffs.i'm glad you did that!once again,i strongly agree that my skills sux like mad,took like centuries to get the ball into the hole! we took like a million years to decide where we wanted to go for lunch!and tadah,a thai restaurant! the ambience at the thai restaurant was pretty okay and not that crowded too.yup,who would be that mad to have lunch at around 4 plus or like 5? anyway,after that,i went to ikea to meet reb & guo and there goes my dinner.i'm seriously too full to eat all those meatballs and stuffs after the late lunch.walkaround that area and i kept thinking that they should have built a factory outlet there lar! i guess it will be a sucess. wasted:(
    sun=sentosa! the sun was pretty nice! met up with heng at buangkok around 11 and off we went to pretty sentosa:) okay,i'm actually accompanying them for sun-tanning,so u know that's not the main objective of my trip.heng was the one that needed the tan but in the end,both of us got it and he didnt. all i can say is i think he has some american genes or something like his skin can prevent the absorption of sunrays.initially,i felt quite uneasy gg with the 2 of them,u know both guys and stuffs. but okay,it was quite fun and i really enjoyed it,they somehow kept me entertained! oh ya,both of us drank quite a lot! few bottles of carlsberg and a jug of cranberry vodka:) heng dun really fancy the taste so he decided to give it a miss.and yup,by mixing both and with the help of the scorching sun,we had a real bad headache at the end of the day.we were there like from 1 to like 6 and my face was already damn red!luckily,by the time we went out of sentosa,we were already feeling much better!but seriously,the vodka rocks:) i love it!

    Thursday, August 02, 2007
    fun fun fun
    trying really hard to control my laughter:)
    fun fun fun,i'm really happy for now! it seems so unreal and yet it's the truth. i dun wanna think abt the future,i just care about the present. i dunno if it's going to happen,okay it's NOT! but it's all ur fault lar! by the way,the shirt at topman suits someone really well,isnt it?! videocall with kor today! still missing eldon and clara:)