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    Saturday, August 30, 2008

    Tuesday, August 26, 2008
    i dun even have time to post the pics for clara's burfdae )=
    hectic schedule for this term
    accounting 2,
    HR management
    and special events management
    for HR,a quiz for every lesson
    one chapter is like 50 pages long
    and the quiz is like on 2 chaps
    well done -.-
    today is my off day
    and i'm working tml as well as thurs
    where to find more time
    anyway, i must work hard to pull up my GPA
    its 3.7 now
    down from 3.9 )=
    i want it to be back to 3.9 again
    so in other words i will have to get straight As
    jia you le lorraine!
    btw, i'm so proud of my baby
    i know u can do it
    u see,hehe(: (:

    Saturday, August 23, 2008
    the princess
    it's the princess burfdae party tml!
    i'm so excited
    i know that
    it's going to be a perfect princess party
    btw, i sold 21 bottles yesterday at T3 dep(: (:

    Thursday, August 21, 2008
    there's this person whom i really really cherish
    to me, he's like a little brother
    since young, we fight and quarrel like nothing
    he is the person that introduce me to WWE WWF and whatsoever
    cos he tried majority on the moves on me
    which is bad
    we went for tuition together
    we watched each other grow up
    just like siblings
    when i'm sad, he's always there for me
    its amazing how he can lighten the atmosphere
    even if it isnt appropriate to joke around
    now that he's all grown up
    we still joke around with each other
    and even with the little time we had together
    we still do care for each other
    i'm glad that we have each other
    as we walk down the journey of life
    yes,love,its you (: (:
    * mushy eh*

    i dun feel the urge to blog
    which is weird
    preparing for clara's burfdae party
    and tonnes of stuff to do
    i want to lead an innocent and happy life
    just like how it is like
    in a fairytale
    in the actual world
    i still feel like highlighting this part
    dun try to be fake in front of me
    cos even though i dun show it
    i know what actually happen
    all i can say is
    i'm such a true blue scorpio

    Monday, August 18, 2008

    Friday, August 15, 2008
    post anni
    was watching the table tennis match
    my god
    super tense
    i pray so hard for li jiawei to win
    she lost!
    by a little bit )=
    the korean girl is a table tennis god!
    she can even kneel down and play
    anyway, my anniversary was good
    more updates tml or something(:

    Thursday, August 14, 2008
    happy anniversary my baby boy(:
    1 year down the road with you
    u let me experience a life like never before
    i know we will have a splendid anniversary
    cant wait to see you later on(:

    牵牵牵 牵手
    一直走到 最后
    牵牵牵 牵手
    我相信 我会

    Sunday, August 10, 2008
    its TIME to start preparing for the finals!
    i hope that i will be able to do it
    i can finally see the true colours of the two of you
    totally disappointed
    i simply hate it when ppl try to hide things from me
    when i'm like just right in front of them

    Friday, August 08, 2008
    a public holiday weekend
    baby is a sweetie sweetie!
    he knows that i need a scanner badly
    so he offered to help while i was in class
    he came all the way from his place to my sch
    to collect the stuffs for scanning
    went home to scan
    and came out to meet me again at 5 when my class ended
    so darn appreciate it
    so in return i treated him sakae sushi before
    gg around bugis and bugis street to do some window shopping
    headed to tiong bahru to meet his friend ard 7 plus
    and we came across a pie shop
    and the name of the shop is so damn hilarious
    "PIE KIA"
    my god.
    baby was so amused by it.
    and the lovely baby took a train with me all the way
    from harbourfront to buangkok(;
    and the princess slept like a pig on his shoulders
    work today!
    hope sales will be good(:
    i love my baby *shy shy*

    Tuesday, August 05, 2008
    a day with love
    a splendid day with love(:
    rivercity restaurant for a dimsum buffet
    and i swear i really burst from that
    he is too much
    now i cant stand the sight of dimsum
    but i guess that will be just for a few days
    followed on by a...lovely movie at cathay
    money no enough 2!
    i think it deserved a 5/5
    cos i practically laugh like a mad woman and
    cry like a mad woman for the entire movie
    so good so good
    i hardly laugh so hard for a show
    my god
    i even feel like laughing now whenever i think of that scene
    "li jia ba beh"
    "wa jia ba liao"
    "wa si bei si bei si bei ba liao"
    my god.
    i love spending my time with him
    he's just so tanned
    met up with baby for a little while today
    he is just so cute AT TIMES

    Sunday, August 03, 2008
    fucked up day
    yesterday started off bad and ended off worst
    robert came to visit, bad
    i almost let a 14 year old try my drinks
    and he was right behind
    and then
    some customer spilled the drinks all over me
    and he can still say that the table was slippery
    as if -.-
    and the best part
    he looked at me and say
    i think u will become dry soon
    WTF can
    and the last part
    its better not to be mentioned
    i was speechless
    I was wrong about everything

    Saturday, August 02, 2008
    a nice sleepover

    he came over last night for a sleepover movie marathon

    meet the spartans was so brainless

    definitely not worth it to go to the cinemas for it

    and luckily we didnt

    wanted to watch zohan too

    but he ended up sleeping and

    me, playing pokemon! haha(:

    its fun going back to erm, secondary school days

    whereby i get excited with the level my pikachu is in, is he evolving

    and whether i am able to beat team rockets!

    omg, i love it can

    its good to be childish at times

    and today, he send me off to work before heading

    to grandma's place for dinner(:

    tml i will be at T1 dep

    and sunday too with a splendid 16 hours(:

    12 more days("v")