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    Tuesday, July 29, 2008
    a brand new day
    jul is coming to an end
    cos guo's burfdae is coming soon(:
    cant wait for the holiday next month
    cos i need to catch up with the rest soon
    work later on
    and its going to be T1 again.
    sometimes it good to take a step backwards
    and see everything once again...

    Sunday, July 27, 2008
    The couple that fights the most is the one most in love...
    it shows they care enough
    to notice the other one screwed up
    and care enough to mention it to the person
    so they can fix it.
    When you stop fighting
    it means you stopped caring.

    i hope so...

    even if love is magic

    there should be a time whereby the magic stops....

    Thursday, July 24, 2008
    will be having exam today
    hope all's well
    and afterthat, it will be work
    T1 again for today
    super sick for the past few days
    fever plus my unwanted the other half----gastric
    even had to skip work the other day
    and its going to be aug soon
    a very special month
    all the best for me today

    Tuesday, July 22, 2008
    i'm sick then i'm sad
    Therefore, when you are sick, you are sad
    sick=sad ):

    Saturday, July 19, 2008
    baby came to fetch me at T1 yesterday
    am really happy about it
    cos basically we dun get to spend time together for the weekends
    T1 again today and tml
    quite pathetic right
    anyway, sales was bad bad bad yesterday
    i wasnt feeling well
    bad headache
    spinning head
    so i didnt really bother that much either
    so happy to see him at the airport
    being by his side is all i want at the end of the day
    i wanna chiong chiong chiong today la!
    its a sat and i hope sales will be good
    oh ya, yesterday suay like siao
    bad sales together with spillage and knocking down of things
    pure suay-ness can -.-
    i said that yesterday was a bad bad bad day
    and indeed it was
    i want today to be better better and way better!
    kor said that it will be dimsum breakfast tml
    my god, i cant wait.
    dimsum are my fav!
    26 days to our lovely anniversary
    i love you my baby("v")
    okay i think i need to say this
    cos yesterday from sch, he went to ah ma place to have dinner
    before rushing home and den went to the airport to fetch me
    my boyfriend is the best! haha-.-

    Friday, July 18, 2008
    today is a bad BaD BAD day
    a sudden minor bloodshed in the morning
    followed by ......
    my mood is super duper down now
    never felt so down for a very very long time already
    hope i can survive through work tonight
    fuck it.

    Thursday, July 17, 2008
    i got an A for nutrition(:
    super unexpected
    and i'm happy like a bee(so random just suddenly thought of that)
    my attendance was like -.-
    due to some problem
    and my quizzes were -.- as well
    due to the same problem
    so i really thanked god for my grade(:
    a splendid day today due to OFF
    baby came for dinner and we happily played the psp for...
    many hours(haha) killing ppl like nobody's business
    grand theft auto is super fun can
    i know i know i'm a sadist!
    as for work
    i've sacrificed 16 hours of my time in exchange for ard 160 bucks
    fair or not fair
    hmmm i think its not too bad
    T3 tml with lisi at dep
    not that its my first working with her but
    she definitely make me smile all the time
    cos she's super funny and super heng
    money,more money(:(:

    Tuesday, July 15, 2008
    red cliff
    went to AMK hub with baby to watch his long-awaited movie
    in case u dunno
    tony is his fav much like zai is to mine(:
    i didnt know what the story was all about for like practically 10 mins or so
    cao cao,guan yu,liu bei and zhu ge liang
    super duper foreign to me!
    i dun even know who they are
    he had to explain the storyline to me and tell me who's who
    while watching the show
    and the ending is damn crappy
    its like the most exciting part and tada
    i just looked at baby and laugh at my ass off
    but overall, it's nice
    i think he cant wait for the next one to be up
    school and work today!
    hope everything will be fine and more sales(:
    hmmm, T1 today
    i'm off to finish my homework before gg to work
    jia you lo,lorraine(:

    Sunday, July 13, 2008
    went for kor's commencement ceremony today
    "master of science(defence technology and systems)"
    yup, that is it.
    it was such a tiring day.
    woke up at about 8 plus
    despite the fact that i was actually working the night before
    my eyes were like glued together and i bathe with my eyes closed
    everything ended at abt 4
    went off to find baby hoping to catch a movie
    but it was rather packed
    so tada
    i'm home

    Friday, July 11, 2008
    i know that i took a very long time to post up this.
    due to exams and work! went to a very nice and yummy restaurant for heng's burfdae
    it was really cheap cheap cheap
    with that kind of food and service standards
    the fish maw soup was fantastic
    and the yummy prawn roll
    and the burfdae boy of course
    was happy with the levi's vouchers
    exams over
    i tried my best
    hopefully the results are okay
    started work yesterday
    it was nice minus the walking with heels
    7 bottles
    nice RSM
    nice company
    i'm happy
    BUT i so wanna get flats
    i cant walk so so so far with heels for goodness sake! will be at T1 today(:

    Tuesday, July 08, 2008
    heng's burfdae!
    heng's 20th burfdae today!
    happy burfdae little boy(:
    as i was saying,you're twenty so behave more like one k!
    haha,just kidding
    anyway, will be heading down to bedok for his burfdae celebration tonight
    i know my pic doesnt quite match my post
    but who cares right
    2 more days to final exam
    2 more days to the start of work
    and slightly more than a month to our 1 year anniversary
    lots of countdown to be done
    baby gave me a surprise yesterday
    a big one
    a big BIG one!
    i will show u guys the pics next time round
    sometimes, he's just so sweet
    although at times he's NOT that sweet
    i'm contented with my life
    appreciating people that are special to me
    and those who treats me well(:
    happy burfdae my special boy!!
    gonna treat u eat kfc and erm buy you bossini vouchers k
    i know u will be very happy

    Monday, July 07, 2008
    work is O-V-E-R!
    and i'm officially unemployed till like thurs.
    whereby i will start my airport journey again! (:
    JL expo was really fun.
    i cherish the memories and the experience gained from it(:
    finals on thurs.
    i hope i can make it(:
    not forgetting the quizzes for tml and wed.
    i hope that i wun die from it.
    life is good
    my lovely family
    jam and heng! (: haha
    i've been seeing them more than i see baby!
    (: (:
    sometimes what i want can be just so simple

    Sunday, July 06, 2008
    work + )=
    tml, or rather today will be the last day of work
    am feeling so tired already
    finals next week
    i need to mug like mad
    to make up for all the time spend on working
    he came to fetch me today
    really appreciate it cos he's also working today
    i think its becos we rarely spend time together now due to work and school
    so he put in effort to fetch me despite being tired and stuff
    thank you(:
    after tml, i must put in 100% of my time to mug
    cos i dun really like the professor so i must work hard myself
    "A" seems very far,ya, super far,haha
    i think i have something to say
    i miss you"
    i miss having you by my side comforting me when i'm feeling sad
    telling me not to give up no matter under wat circumstances
    taking care of me and making sure that i am well
    treating me like a princess and making me smile
    hope that you are doing well in heaven(:
    u must be shaking ur head together with daddy
    when u see me doing naughty things
    mummy i miss you
    i really miss you )=

    Thursday, July 03, 2008
    lovey dovey days
    baby is such a sweetie(:
    yesterday i went to work without jam and heng!
    can u imagine how sad i was.
    i managed to persuade baby to come down to expo
    all the way from woodlands to have dinner with me
    i know i know
    i'm spoilt!
    and today, he accompanied me to expo again to shop
    working at JL expo can be super fun.
    but i'm such a weirdo
    i like it when it's crowded
    to keep me occupied
    i dun like to feel slack cos i'm afraid that i will sleep at the counter!
    anyway, yup, of course i still feel sad over that incident
    perhaps i've neglected the way i behave
    super sad as i dun think its possible to get over with it
    but no matter wat,
    i still love baby a lot
    woo,42 days to our anniversary(:
    i like the way you looked at me
    and assured me that everything's going to be fine
    i want my days to be happy happy
    all i want is to be with you!
    jia you le lorraine(: