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    Tuesday, May 30, 2006
    i'm back! ! finally CT's over and i'm really enjoying my june holidays...when i say enjoy i really mean it..watch tv like for the whole day non-stop, slacking in bed and lazing around simply doing nothing...hahahahahahaha...can u feel my joy... i love hoildays... at the rate i'm now,i will surely suffer for my "A"s... so stop enjoying lorraine! !..hmmm...reb's bdae coming le... looking forward to that.. wonder wat are we going to do that day and whose's going cos it has been a long time since we last met...really missed them.. my nice pals... oh ya.. when are we going shopping gurls??...i can't wait for it... i want to shop till i drop..hahax... going to watch tv le..see ya..

    Thursday, May 25, 2006
    wat the hell!
    WAT THE HELL!!..i'm like so bloodly pissed now... the stuffs written below will be not convincing for all but it's indeed true.. i was happily taking bus 27 when this uncle(other race but dunno wat race) came onboard and squeeze beside me... cos i'm like ultra-fat so it appears to be ultra-squeezy... during the bus ride he siao de keep squeezing while i was reading my GP notes,disturbing my thoughts... oh great ! !...when i was about to reach my stop,i felt something touching my lap...but anyway i was going down le,so i just lift up my bag... to my horror,i see that hairy hand on my lap ! ! ! FUCK ! i cannot hold it anymore... pls la.. i like that u oso wan... not skinny, not pretty not even cute at all la... is there something wrong with your eyes... i'm like so damn pissed... i really cannot believe that this kind of thing actually happen to me...goodness gracious... after like 2 to 3 mins den i realised that wat he did is wrong.... oh god...seriously he need to see an optician.. and the target shouldn't be me...dun let me see u again next time...=(

    Sunday, May 21, 2006
    it's getting nearer...
    IT'S GETTING NEARER AND NEARER...in just 3 days time i will be battling against a monster and wat will be the probability of winning the battle... shld i use discrete, binomial,poisson or normal distribution???... haiz..that's the result of doing too much maths...i keep thinking abt the probability of stuffs... even the probability of the no. of times i go to the toilet in a day..."maths really makes me mad" but on e whole,i still love it... maybe it's the kind of satisfaction when u managed to solve the qn... i'm like so scared lorz... although it's just a common test... To me, it's a gauge of my understanding.... really...i will try my best...although i'm ultra tired and sleepy... i think i shall go to slp after blogging...*yawns... i believe in fate , i believe in destiny , i believe in luck but i wonder how could such things happen twice in a row... izzit just coincidental or maybe it's time i should see things from a different perspective.... * i think too much le.. give myself a slap.. knocked out!

    Wednesday, May 17, 2006
    common test
    Gosh!.. it's like 7 days to common test..i might as well just give up rite, to put it simply,i've got NO TIME!! oh my oh my, i feel like screaming at the top of my voice now...venting my frustrations and anxiety... TYS not completed, haven started revision for econs...i know that i'm not prepared for it..but wat can i do.. NOTHING, NOTHING AT ALL... alright alright, i will try my best to do wat i can in the meantime... i wan to slack badly, but really it's like once and for all kind of thing.. i keep teling myself that i dun wan to regret in the future... e minute i decide to give up on all these, my future becomes gloomy.. in short, i've got no future... jia you jia you jia you... that's wat i keep telling myself... just try my best~

    Friday, May 12, 2006
    12 may
    happy belated burfdae to liqing ! ! and not forgetting kok kuang too..so sorry that i'm not able to join u all for the burfdae celebration..>.< will make it up to u all alright... but liqing bdae celebration was a splendid celebration..hope she enjoyed it anyway.. SAKAE SUSHI.. although the manager's attitude like sucks totally,we still enjoyed ourselves with all the jokes and funny incidents...SPA is over! !..FINALLY!!... but challenges are up ahead.. oh ya.. i'm done with my 2.4.. 14.42..is that good or bad??i dunno..but i managed to improve my timing by a tinny winny bit.. last year i remembered that it was 14.44... 6 rounds arond the track.. common test's coming like in about 1 weeks time..i can't feel the stress yet..omg... work harder alright and i guess it's time to stress myself... *there's nothing such as fairness in the world rite..hmmm.. mother's day this sunday..mummy,mu qin jie kuai le, i miss you("v")

    Thursday, May 04, 2006
    sports day
    RED=EAGLES ! !...tml's sports day!! yeah...no sch again..hahax.. but seriously i think it's kindda boring too... hmmm...cos every year it's e same thing over and over again... anyway,glad that we are released early.. hmmm...wat should i write abt?? okay..TPJC soccer 3-0... glad that we beat NYJC... but still... my brain's like not functioning anyway..i shall end here !! ~braindead